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Document Translation Services

Professional Document Translation & Support Services

Our translation company offers a complete suite of document translation within its translation services offering.

Thanks to the internet, the world is now a global marketplace. This new freedom to transact business internationally, both online and off, introduces the need for reliable, professional document translation services. Documents translated offer multilingual support to many users and constituents around the world.

Language barriers shouldn’t stand between your business and new clients, and they shouldn’t cut you off from new connections. Our professional document translation services give you new opportunities to build relationships and goodwill anywhere in the world with the translation quality you need.

Benefits of Working with Us for Document Translation Services

JR Language is a translation company with the experience and resources to support its clients’ global communication with accurate document translation services.

Professional translators and linguists ready to help

We are fully staffed with vetted professional translators so we can provide you with accurate and culturally correct documentation translations based on your needs, timing, and budget.

100 different languages to choose from

With the ability to translate documents of all types into more than 100 languages, we support your multilingual communication processes in the United States and overseas. From small translation projects to high-volume productions, we assign a project manager to manage the coordination between your organization and our team of professional linguists.

Subject-matter experts and translations for industry-specific content

Our professional translators are evaluated and classified according to their subject-matter expertise and have experience within the industries for which they translate. For instance, when a translator performs a medical document translation, we ensure that the translator possesses actual medical experience. When our financial translators do their work, they do it using the education gained from years in the financial industry. The same holds true for a legal document translation as well as marketing, government, and others.

Business Document Translation for Different Industries

translation services medical life sciences

Medical Document Translation

When you hire us for medical document translation services, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting a hand-picked team for the translation project. In our team of medical translators, we only have professional translators with proven experience in the medical field. JR Language works with any type of medical content, from simple hospital forms to complex clinic trials, achieving document translations that are 100% accurate and with the proper terminology.
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translation services legal law

Legal Document Translation

When it comes to legal document translation services, there is no room for error. That’s why our team of professional legal translators is a hand-picked group of individuals with proven track records and years of experience in the legal industry, translating legal content for law firms, corporations, and individuals. We cover a variety of content from contracts, files for e-discovery, documents for depositions, or immigration cases.
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Financial Translation Service Agrency

Financial Document Translation

The need for translated financial documents is high, especially for global companies. We have qualified financial translators ready to translate everything from annual corporate reports to financial contracts to balance sheets. Each of our financial translators has a strong understanding of local standards and regulations, so you’re protected against potential risks.
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Technical Document Translation

The translation process for technical documents requires attention to detail and the selection of the appropriate team for your specific industry, which is why it’s important that you work with a translation company well versed in the translation of technical documents. Technical translation teams are assembled according to the subject and content of the project; they are hand-picked and can work on everything from technical manuals to entire websites.
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Business Document Translation

With an international marketplace, businesses need more and more multilingual content, creating a demand for business document translations. From marketing and advertising to human resources, every business needs a well-versed and experienced translation company that can quickly turn around a project using subject-matter experts. We make sure your projects are translated with the right emotions and that they convey the intended meaning of your message every time.
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Translation of Official Documents for Immigration

For citizenship and green card application, or other forms of international transaction, you will need to include supporting personal documents. When these documents need to be translated, we offer high-quality document translation services. For any official document, from birth certificates to adoption decrees to personal finance documents, we provide certified translations services both into AND from English.
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Types of documents translated by our company

Personalization for Your Document Translation Project

Understanding your goals and needs lets our translation company establish the best approach to manage your document translation project. JR Language assesses your needs—audience, languages, scope, type of content, file types, and special requirements—to return translated documents tailored to your specifications. Planning a complex project with a high-volume document translation is no easy task. Many factors must be considered, including a budget, workflow, and deadlines. We are experienced and skilled at making sure that high-volume projects go smoothly and produce flawless, well-organized output. We plan for every detail and conduct multiple quality checks. Even if multiple languages and media formats are involved, we will put together a plan to make your high-volume document translation project a success.

Desktop Publishing & Typesetting Services

Translating documents into other languages can cause a need for layout adjustment and refinement.
Document Translation Typesettings

After the document translation process is finished, our graphic designers take care of all the formatting to adjust document formats. You can keep the same layout, or we can adjust the design to fit the space and graphic requirements of the new language. You will receive a finished product in your preferred file format that is ready for use.

Whether it’s promotional material, catalogs, brochures, or posters, we adjust your translated content and return the file ready for printing or use online.

We work with different file types, including:

Some projects, like those within the financial and legal sectors, require certifications of translation, and they need to be returned as certified translations. Typically, these certifications are also required when you submit document translations for immigration to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

We provide certified translation services with different levels of certification depending on the requirement of the receiving organization. Our Certified Translation Services include:

Spanish Document Translation

We translate a variety of Spanish documents into English and from English to Spanish. We have the capabilities to create neutral Spanish or a country-specific document for Mexican Spanish, Argentinian Spanish, or a Spanish translation to use in Spain.

Spanish Document Translation Services

When working with your project manager, please explain your needs and where your document translation is going to be used, so we may select the appropriate team of professional Spanish translators for your project.

JR Language is a leading Spanish translation agency offering Spanish document translation services for different industries and usage from eLearning to marketing and legal to financial. JR Language is your one-stop-shop for your business translation in Spanish.

Editing & Proofreading of Document Translations

For a number of reasons, previously translated documents may require attention. We offer optional editing and proofreading services for just such occasions.

Editing Services

If the original source of a translated document has changed or has been updated or if localization is required, editing services are the perfect solution. For example, a document originally translated into Portuguese for use in Brazil may require editing in order to localize it for use in Portugal.

Proofreading Services

A second pair of eyes is always helpful. Whether you hire us to review documents provided by another translator or include this option when JR Language performs your document translations, proofreading is an excellent quality practice in translation.

Proofreading is especially needed on lengthy projects that require multiple translators, to correct errors that occurred due to reformatting, ensure a consistent tone and flow in your documents, rectify inconsistencies, and more. For example, a long, complex manual may require more than one translator. Once the document translation has been completed, a native-speaking proofreader would review the entire manual before returning it to you.

Through a combination of both services, you can rest assured of 100% accuracy and conformity with the original document.

Transcription & Translation Services

Transcription Document Translation Services

Perfect for audio and video files, transcription is another type of professional document translation service available from JR Language. Each custom project consists of our linguists watching and/or listening to your recordings and then transcribing the verbal communication into written communication. 

To calculate an estimated cost. The source files and languages for each project will be considered to determine the approximate length of the final document. Once a transcribed document is produced, it is translated into the language of your choice. 

Why Use JR Language for Document Translation?

We provide quick and accurate document translation services for customers around the world.

Ready to Start Your Document Translations Project?

No matter the audience you are targeting, the language you need, the type of content you have, or the type of files you handle, our language service company is ready to manage the translation of your documents, so they are accurate and perfectly localized. JR Language is a translation service company ready to provide the best team of professional translators who are subject-matter experts on your topic and have more than 15 years of experience operating with outstanding client retention. We have high-quality production, competitive pricing, and a great record of timely executed projects so you can keep your project moving along on schedule.

If you’re ready to begin your document translation project, call us at 585-598-5375 or send us an email at

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