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JR Language Translation Agency offers professional translation services to Los Angeles based companies and organizations. Translation services are a growing need in today’s global economy. In order to be successful in your translation projects, it is essential to work with an experienced partner that provides exceptional quality and customer service.

Our translation services include:

Our service offering includes more than 100 languages, with professional translators, linguists, and engineers who have experience in multiple industries and multilingual solutions.

JR Language is the one-stop for professional document translation services in LA.  We help LA’s businesses compete effectively and conduct business efficiently in any language.  Our document translations are delivered securely, on budget,  and in a timely manner with the best quality resources.  We hire only the most experienced professional translators from a wide range of industries, so we are sure to have the right translator for your specific document translation needs. 

What kind of document translation are you looking for?  Take a look at the list below for just a few types of document translations we handle on a regular basis:

  • Personal document translation
  • Patent translation
  • Medical document translation
  • Translation of employee manuals
  • Academic document translation
  • Translation of Audio transcription

Our Translation Company specializes in Spanish translations oriented to the Hispanic Market of Los Angeles. We have a large team of Spanish translators that will either localize your message or make it neutral for a broader audience.

JR Language is the most reliable choice for professional legal translation services in LA.  Our reputation for providing top quality legal translations is supported by some of the best legal translators in the industry and small business attention to detail.

Your legal documents are handled securely, customized with translation solutions that are best suited to your needs.  Laws and regulations are unique to each country, therefore we take extra care to assign the legal translator who is both fluent in the languages involved, and the legal concepts and terminology covered in your documents.

Our legal translation services include the following:

  • Certified translations
  • Notarization and Apostille
  • Rush Services
  • Legal document translation in over 100 languages

Certified Translation Services

JR Language’s certified translations are acceptable for a broad range of purposes including translations for USCIS, applications for school, employment applications, and real estate.  Our certified translation services encompass the translation of official documents for individuals, families, and businesses.

Hospitality and Tourism Translations

We provide travel and tourism translations supporting the strong industries of hospitality and tourism in Los Angeles.  Los Angeles resorts, hotels and restaurants count on JR Language Translation Company to help them communicate effectively with their international tourists through our services :

  • Menu translations
  • Translations of Signage
  • Translations services for hotels, resorts  and attractions
  • Translations of weather warnings and other urgent notifications

To help expand reach to a larger international audience, JR Language offers website translation services for language pairs including English to Spanish, English to Chinese and English to Korean.  Our skilled and experienced team of website localization specialists ensures that your message gets across effectively to your target audience.

JR Language Translation Services Inc.
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Toll-free: 866-389-5036
Fax Number: 888-221-7109
E-MAIL: [email protected]


  1. Website Form: Complete the form on this page indicating your needs and upload the files for translation. We will get back to you shortly.
  2. Email: Send us an email to [email protected] with your needs, contact information and attaching the files for translation. We will get back to you shortly.
  3. Fax: Send us a fax to 888-221-7109 with your contact information, and the documents you need to be translated. We will contact you.
  4. Call us: Call us at 866-389-5036 to speak with a language solutions specialist.
  5. Visit our Translation Office: Bring your personal documents to our office in Los Angeles so we can review them and provide you with a quote, you will receive the quote by email. For business translations, please call us to set up an appointment.

Request your free estimate now! Enjoy excellent quality translation services in Los Angeles. 

About the City of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the largest city in the state of California and the second largest in the U.S.  The city has a population of over 4 million, which includes residents who’ve traveled from 180 countries and who speak 140 different languages.  Los Angeles is known as one of the major entertainment capitals of the world, not only due to its being the center of the television and film industry- but also the multitude of attractions and activities the city offers to its visitors.  L.A’s year-round warm, sunny weather makes it a fun favorite destination for tourists worldwide.
The foreign-born population in Los Angeles represents about 38% of the city’s total population.  Top countries of origin include Mexico, El Salvador, the Philippines, China, and Korea.  Commonly spoken languages other than English include Spanish, Tagalog, Chinese, Korean and Persian.

Other than its signature entertainment industry, the Los Angeles Economy is supported by the leisure and hospitality industry, health care, education, fashion industry, import/export, manufacturing, and media technology.

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