Multilingual Translation

Overcome the Language Barrier with Multilingual Translation Services from JR Language

“It loses something in translation” is never an expression you will hear when working with JR Language. That’s because our multilingual translation professionals have first-hand experience in speaking, writing and understanding over 100 languages. Regardless of which language your document is in – or which language it will be translated into – the end result will read as though it were written by and for someone in your target culture. We know that forging new, global business relationships and maintaining existing ones cannot be done without flexible, relevant, localized language solutions. You get that and more with JR Language Translations.

Native, Foreign Language Translation Specialists

In addition to merely speaking and writing the languages for which they translate, each of our foreign language translation specialists is a native speaker. Having lived and worked in regions where the target language is spoken, they fully understand the subtle idioms that are lost on other translators who rely on book knowledge rather than real-life experience.

Multilingual Translation Service

Language Solutions from Subject Matter Experts

An experienced translator who has experience in your industry will be hand-selected for your project. This expert will provide complete language solutions including reviewing your job, making suggestions and translating the documents to best communicate with the intended audience.

Foreign Language Translation is Available for these Languages:

Afrikaans Georgian Nepali
Amharic German Norwegian
Albanian Greek Pashto
Armenian Gujarati Papiamento
Arabic Hebrew Polish
Azeri Hindi Portuguese
Bengali Hungarian Punjabi
Bosnian Icelandic Romanian
Bulgarian Indonesian Russian
Burmese Italian Serbian
Byelorussian Japanese Slovak
Catalan Kannada Slovene
Chinese (Simplified) Karen Spanish
Chinese (Traditional) Kazakh Somali
Creole (Cape Verde) Kinyarwanda Swahili
Creole (Haiti) Korean Swedish
Croatian Lao Tagalog
Czech Latin Tamil
Danish Latvian Telugu
Dutch Lithuanian Thai
English Macedonian Tigrinya
Estonian Malay Turkish
Farsi (Persian) Malayalam Ukrainian
Finnish Marathi Urdu
French Moldavian Vietnamese

If you don’t see the language required for your multilingual translations project above, please call or email us.

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