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Do you want to work with a leading English-to-German and German-to-English translation services provider? Place your trust in JR Language Translation company and choose our international team to execute your German translation projects. Our team of proven professionals is ready to address your German language needs. From the localization of websites to German to video translation, we have your company covered with high-quality professional translation services of all types.

You can count on our German language specialists, professional translators, and interpreters as well as our knowledgeable team with years of hands-on experience working on German-language projects. Whether you need conference interpretation, Zoom German interpretation, or the translation of documents, eLearning content, and apps, you’ll have a trusted partner by your side with JR Language.

We’re a longtime provider of professional German language services, giving you the confidence that your translated content will be delivered on time, every time, with the quality level your company deserves and expects.

Why Work with JR Language Translation Company?

Working with an expert translation company that specializes in the German language is essential for your German translation projects.

Large, Loyal Client Base

Hundreds of clients—companies large and small— in the U.S. and around the world rely on our translation services for their multilingual communications. We deliver numerous German projects every month.

German Translation Services available

Experienced Team for English-to-German Translation Services

Only a native-speaking German translation team has the knowledge to expertly translate your business communications, advertising and marketing materials, legal documents, medical information, personal documents, and more using the correct cultural verbiage. That’s why JR Language Translations only employs those who have lived and worked in German-speaking countries. Our German translation company will manage projects of any size with an efficient and tailored approach to your German content.

JR Language has native linguists and German translators with in-depth experience and knowledge in the subject matter required for your project. This is how we will provide you with the best quality English-to-German translation available.

German Language Services for Multiple Industries

Our expert and professional German translators work in multiple areas including finance, legal, engineering, marketing, and specialized software. These skilled translators have practical, hands-on work experience in the industries they perform German document translation services for.

Because they are native German speakers, our translators are well-versed in the nuances and complexities of English and German languages. This allows them to ensure your translated content retains its core message and its effectiveness.

You’ll find JR Language’s service offerings to be versatile as well. Our translation company has a proven track record of delivering professional German translation services in a wide range of applications and content types.

Best Translation Quality for Your Budget

To ensure a high-quality translation every time, we follow best practices and utilize the latest translation technology. Our professional translators work under the expert eyes of our project managers, whose job is to make sure your project is flawlessly executed from start to finish. You will have a dedicated point of contact and receive ongoing information and updates from your assigned project manager. We’ll assemble a first-class team for your German project that’s custom-tailored to your content and requirements.

What Types of German Translation Services Do We Offer?

German is an important and powerful language in the European Union and in the business world. Below is a list of areas we specialize in:

German Business Translation Services

translation services business translations
Our expert German translators speak the jargon of your industry. You can be confident your business documents will have the attention to detail you deserve, with the assistance of a professional translation agency along the way. From corporate communication to employee manuals and presentations, you can rely on receiving consistently high-quality translations.

German Legal Translation

translation services legal law
Court documents, articles of incorporation, contracts, patents, and other legal documents are translated with great detail and confidentiality by our professional German translators.

German Technical Translation

Technical Translation
Technical projects for global distribution require flawless German content. When you hire JR Language, you can expect the translation of your technical documents and user manuals to be delivered with consistency and the proper use of terminology.

German eLearning Translation

JR Language supports multilingual eLearning in German and 100 other languages. We’re happy to translate your eLearning content from English to German for interactive courses, videos, supporting material, and online tests.

We have professional English-German linguists to handle your transcript and subtitles, as well as voiceover talent and multimedia designers to put the finishing touches on your eLearning translation content. Our team’s vast experience includes working with multiple authoring software programs, from Articulate Storyline to Adobe Captive. We also use an extensive toolset for eLearning localization. You’ll receive polished, professionally translated files according to your exact instructions and specifications.

German Website Translation

Website Translation Services

Over 95% of German speakers search and use the internet on a regular basis. Reach those potential customers more effectively by offering a website written in their native language. We can help you localize your websites, apps, and other digital products through our professional German translation services.

With JR Language as your web translation partner, you can be sure your products and services are represented to German audiences with the quality they deserve.

German Localization Services

Language Localization Services

From Germany to Switzerland to the province of Bolzano-Bozen in Italy, you want to ensure your intended message reaches your audience by localizing your documents and files.

Spoken in several countries, German is the official and co-official language of several countries in central Europe. Add regional and cultural differences to the equation, and you’ll understand the need for localized English / German translations. Our localization experts will craft your translations so that you’re truly “speaking the language” of the region you’re targeting.

Certified German Translation Services

translation services certified translation

Our translation company provides certified English-to-German translations for legal and technical documents of all kinds. Each document will be translated correctly the first time and delivered on schedule for the price you were quoted.

Do you require personal immigration papers for school or certified translation of official documents for USCIS to work in the U.S.? Are you looking for certified German translation services for your legal documents? Place your important project in our capable hands. Our language company is ready to provide the certificates you need.

German Interpretation Services Delivered by Experienced, Native-Speaking Interpreters

translation services simultaneous interpretation
Whether you need equipment, technicians, and interpreters for a multi-day conference interpretation—or a short German-English business interpretation over Zoom—our language company has the resources and knowledge to help you shine. Offering both simultaneous and consecutive modes of communication, JR Language will provide the best configuration for your unique needs. We’ll assign your project to professional English-German interpreters with relevant subject matter expertise, ensuring the job is done efficiently and at the level of quality you expect.
German Language Translation

Why are Specialized German Translation Services So Critical to Your Business?

If you’re a global organization with German customers, members, partners, or employees, being able to communicate clearly in their native language is paramount. Even if you don’t currently work with German audiences, having an experienced German translation services partner can help you be ready to expand your market when the time is right. Consider this:

  • The U.S. is Germany’s second-largest trading partner, necessitating an ongoing need for German-to-English and English-to-German translations.
  • The U.S. has one of the largest concentrations of German-speaking people aside from Europe (U.S. Census).
  • Although spoken in seven countries, German is used in dozens of dialects and varies greatly in both written and spoken words.
  • In English / German translations, it’s important to note that German is a much lengthier language than English. This means that German copy in brochures, slideshows, and web pages will physically take up much more space than English copy. That’s why you need to work with a translation company that offers desktop publishing for German.
  • The German language has a formal and informal form of communication. Selecting the appropriate form is important since it ensures you’re addressing your German audience with the greatest impact and credibility.

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German Translation Services
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