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JR Language is a one-stop translation agency serving the Dallas area. We support your global communication effort through business and technical translations. Our offer includes professional translation services in over 100 languages and various industries. Our translation services include the following:


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Website Form: Complete the form on this page indicating your needs, and upload the files for translation. We will get back to you shortly.
Email: Send us an email to info@jrlanguage.com with your needs, contact information, and attaching the files for translation. We will get back to you shortly.
Call us: Call us at 585-206-2963 to speak with a language solutions specialist.
Visit our Translation Office: Bring your personal documents to our office in Dallas so we can review them and provide you with a quote, you will receive the quote by email. For business translations, please call us to set up an appointment.

Call or e-mail JR Language Translation Company, we are the right choice to support your translation project.

Other Texas Translation Services

JR Language is a provider of professional document translation services for Dallas. Through our translation services, we help businesses in Dallas compete effectively and achieve their objectives in a global marketplace. Our translation company has a proven track record of delivering top-quality document translations for a wide variety of document types across a broad scope of industries, including marketing and advertising, technology, medical, and legal fields.

From simple to complex document translation, JR Language is well-equipped to handle it all. Contact us today for a free quote or to discuss your document translation needs.

Our Translation Company provides professional Spanish Translations to serve the growing Spanish-speaking community in Dallas. Our Spanish translation services are carefully tailored to satisfy each client’s specific needs. Companies in Dallas count on our Spanish website translation and Spanish marketing translation services to help them connect with local or global Hispanic markets.

dallas multilingual translation company
Our Translation Company provides professional Spanish Translations serving the growing Spanish speaking community in Dallas. Our Spanish translation services are carefully tailored to satisfy each of our client’s specific needs. Companies in Dallas count on our Spanish website translation and Spanish marketing translation services to help them connect with local or global Hispanic markets.
JR Language is the most reliable choice for legal translation services in Dallas. From translations of criminal records to complex patents and contracts, our translation company is readily equipped to deliver professional legal translations with complete accuracy and precision. Your legal document will be handled with complete confidentiality and assigned to a professional legal translator who is an expert in the legal concepts and subject covered in your document, along with the languages required. Our legal document translation services include the following:
If you have questions about our document translation services or are ready to proceed with a new project, then contact us today or submit a request for a free quote. We are ready to work for you!
Translation Services in Dallas




Barbara Vergara
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I had a visitor guide translated from English to Spanish. The work was perfect and the turnaround time was really fast. I will definitely be using this company again!
Museum of Science
Read More
Excellent and professional translation; extremely responsive and accommodating. Thank you!
Anabel Trotman
Read More
Excellent job! I have no words to express my gratitude. The translation was very accurate. Thank you.
Antonio Williams, Esq. Attorney at Law
Read More
The best decision my law office has ever made.
Judith Hernandez
Read More
Excellent and fast service with affordable prices.
Housing Equality Center
of Pennsylvania
Read More
Quick response and accurate translations. Very pleasant to work with.

Our certified translations are guaranteed acceptable by USCIS. Dallas residents applying for citizenship, a green card or employment eligibility verification, trust our certified translation services. To help meet USCIS application requirements, we translate documents including birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, passports and IDs.

Our certified translation services are also acceptable for employment applications, school applications, medical purposes, insurance applications and International business.

JR Language is the team you can count on if you need in-person and remote interpretation services in Dallas. Whether you’re holding a smaller group meeting or hosting a large conference, we make sure you’re assigned the best team of professional interpreter based on your specific requirements. Our capabilities cover a wide variety of fields including legal field, healthcare, business, and finance.

Our host of interpretation solutions include on-demand phone interpretation, online interpretation through Zoom, consecutive interpretation, and simultaneous interpretation. If you’re planning on hiring a language interpretation company for your next multilingual event, or have questions regarding our interpretation services, contact us today at 585-563-5419.

Interpretation Services Dallas

About the City of Dallas

Dallas is the third largest city in Texas and the ninth largest in the U.S, with over 1.28 million residents. The city is considered to be one of the most business friendly cities in America and one of the best places to live in. It is home to 20 Fortune 500 companies including AT&T, Southwest Airlines, Exxon Mobil and Texas Instruments. Over 200 companies from 40 countries also have their U.S headquarters located in the region. Dallas is the location of many major universities including the University of Dallas whose enrollment includes about 15,000 students from over 96 countries.

The foreign born population in the city of Dallas represents 24% of the entire population. Common countries of origin include Mexico, India, China, Taiwan, and Korea. Languages spoken at home, other than English, include Spanish, African languages, Chinese, Vietnamese, French, Korean, German and Russian.

The economy in Dallas is driven by industries including health care, aerospace & defense, finance, and technology. JR Language Translations has extensive experience providing Translation Services in Dallas for companies that are participants in several of these industries. We look forward to assisting you with outstanding Language Services!

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