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Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Efficient Simultaneous Interpretation

If you are holding a multilingual conference our simultaneous interpretation services are the best solution for a successful event.

We will tailor the perfect solution for your occasion. Moreover, our professional simultaneous interpreters will bring the right skill set to the job. They are trained to get your message across—precisely, smoothly, and efficiently—to make your event flawless and make the participants feel like the event was run in their own native language.

Our expert team will design the interpreting session according to best practices for a successful event. Designing the arrangement, selecting the specific team of professional interpreters, and coordinating the necessary equipment. The simultaneous interpreters are the key elements of the interpreting service, and they will be assigned according to their language combination, cultural background, level of expertise, and theme of the conference.

Simultaneous interpreting is a practiced art form

Simultaneous interpretation is an oral translation method in which a speaker’s message is translated by an interpreter and delivered to the audience in real-time (as the speaker is speaking). In contrast, in consecutive interpretation, the translated message is delivered after the speaker has finished speaking.
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In this method of interpretation, the interpreter will begin after the speaker has completed their first sentence, while simultaneously listening to and understanding the next sentence of the speaker. The interpreter will continue to listen, translate, and deliver the message just behind the speaker. It is a complex task and requires mastery from the specialized simultaneous interpreter.

Due to the mental effort and level of skill required for the task, simultaneous interpreters almost always work in pairs. The interpreters take turns delivering the translated message, allowing them periods of mental rest. Finding the right team depends on several factors: language pair, subject matter, location, and the duration of the event.

The skillset of a simultaneous interpreter is different from the interpreter needed for consecutive interpretation; work with a language services provider that will guarantee a successful simultaneous interpretation.

Simultaneous Interpretation Settings

JR Language simultaneous interpretation services are used in a large variety of settings. Whether you’re with the government, a non-governmental organization (NGO), an educational institution, a corporation, or international organizations, these services are for you if you are hosting events where business is conducted in a multilingual and global environment such as:
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Our interpretation company offers on-site services at the location of your event, remote simultaneous interpretation, or a hybrid combination! With your event’s needs and budget, we will determine what method is right for you.

Within our remote services, we offer zoom simultaneous interpretation or can discuss the use of other platforms based on your requirements.

Types of Simultaneous Interpretation offered

Our language company has years of experience providing simultaneous interpreting and can offer a host of configurations and services to meet your specific needs. Our pool of simultaneous interpreters is wide and we can support multiple languages in the following services:
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Whispered interpretation

Used in private business meetings and small diplomatic meetings, this is a type of interpretation that has the professional interpreter sitting next to the attendee and quietly speaking the translated message. This method is used so the interpretation does not impact the speaker’s presentation in the original language as consecutive interpretation would and does not require equipment as standard simultaneous interpretation does.

Conference Interpretation Services

Providing the right interpretation equipment for simultaneous interpretation is crucial, especially in a large multilingual conference. In contrast to consecutive interpreting that may or may not need special equipment, conference interpreting comes with the use of simultaneous interpretation equipment and technology.

When performing simultaneous interpreting, the professional interpreter sits in a booth listening to the speaker through headphones, then speaks into a microphone that broadcasts via interpretation equipment. The attendees that need interpretation will be able to listen to the broadcast via headset.

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

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Some events, such as multilingual conferences or training programs require several sets of equipment and special configurations to run smoothly. Preparing the right configuration type and proper equipment needed is the key to your success.

Our interpretation company is equipped and ready to design your meeting arrangements with the necessary simultaneous interpreting booths, microphones, and wireless receivers. We provide everything needed: the equipment, the interpreter, and all technical support necessary so every person can understand and participate without difficulty. Our technicians will be on-site throughout your event to make sure that everything runs as expected.

At JR Language we have the experience and know-how to support your crucial events with simultaneous interpretation equipment so you can focus on the event while we provide flawless language support.

Sone of the Simultaneous Interpretation equipment available:

Are you preparing for an international conference and need to offer several languages? JR Language will partner with you to design and provide conference interpreting services on-site and remotely.
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We will work side by side with your conference organizer to ensure that all of your expectations are met in every step of planning and during the entirety of the conference.

Geographic distances and language barriers are resolved with remote simultaneous interpretation, you will have simultaneous interpreters with industry-specific experience at your service. All participants will be able to clearly hear and understand your message!

JR Language is your source for high-quality simultaneous interpretation services, with skilled simultaneous interpreters and high-quality equipment. Your company will work with an interpreter coordinator that oversees the event’s interpretation, ensuring its success and your satisfaction.

Translation Services to support your Conference

In addition to providing qualified conference interpreters, our language services company is ready to support your other multilingual needs. We provide flawless communication in any language you target, for:

and much more!

Expert Simultaneous Interpretation from JR Language

The sooner you call, the better for your event. Let us know your plans ahead of time and we will be able to reserve the best resources and equipment for you. We’re happy to discuss your needs and provide a free estimate for our simultaneous interpreting services, with a guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the results.

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