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Multilingual Voice-over & Dubbing Solutions

Professional Voice-over and Dubbing in 100 Languages

Selecting the right voice to speak to your audience through translated video requires time and access to the best voice talent. JR Language Translation Services has years of experience working with only the best multilingual voice talents to deliver high-quality audio and video voice-over and dubbing for a growing variety of industries.

We provide professional voice-over translation and dubbing services to get your message across clearly whether you are providing video training or advertising to a global audience.

What Can You Expect From Us?

Voice-Over Localization

As with all our translation services, video and audio localization is a process that requires coordination of tasks, from the transcription of the script, its translation into the new language, dubbing to deliver a video, and audio localization that is culturally and linguistically appropriate. Voice over localization includes the following:

Professional Voiceover Services

Script Adaptation

Due to possible expansion or contraction of the text during translation, the translation may need to be modified to adapt to the timing of the video. What can be said quickly in English may take much longer in German and can throw the timing off between the audio and video. Some videos do not have a time limitation and script translation is freer.

Voice Coaching

Experts who are native speakers of the target language guide the voice talent to ensure smooth delivery, effective interpretation, proper intonation, pronunciation, pace, and timing. Additionally, if there are script changes, these experts will oversee their implementation.

Sound Production

The final product involves the work of professional editors and audio techs with special programs that give final touches to the multilingual sound.

Voice Talent Selection

Selecting the right talent is critical for the final product. Do you need the voice talent for Spain? For Mexico or with a neutral accent? We will select the right voice talent from our extensive pool of professional voice talent.

In addition to the voice-over or dubbing, you can add multilingual subtitles to your final product, explain your needs and we will return your video translation project completely localized to the language or languages needed.

Common Types of Voice-over

Short for Lip Synchronization, lip-syncing involves recording the translated transcript and inserting the audio so that it matches the lip movements of individuals onscreen.

A type of voice-over or dubbing where the translated audio track plays on top of the original audio track at a louder volume the original voice is at a much lower volume. The original audio will play alone for a few seconds, followed by the translated audio.

A type of narration in which the voice track plays while the speaker is not present on screen. Other images may appear as the speaker narrates.

The original audio is removed and replaced by a foreign language voice-over according to the video display.

Use the language of your target audience to communicate your story. Our multilingual, multicultural team of voice talent will use the translated script to produce the audio that will complete your video localization. Examples of what we have done for clients needing our multilingual dubbing services:

Professional Video Translation Services

The Perfect Voice in Any Language, Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you are training an international workforce, producing a multilingual broadcast, or sending a documentary to global partners, JR Language has experience and a reliable team to manage your multilingual media production. Our selected team comprises of project managers, transcriptionists, translators and linguists, voice talents, and engineers all committed to support the project and execute it following best practices for audio and video production.

Our trained staff will take your project from the original video and English script, and deliver a localized video in the languages needed, on budget, and on time. Working with JR Language, you can add multilingual media content to expand your message worldwide.

Are you looking to communicate with a multilingual audience? JR Language will find the right voice to deliver your message. We invite you to get in touch with us and look forward to learning about your voice-over project needs.

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