Video Translation Services

Video Translation Services

Professional Video Translation services in 100 Languages

JR Language provides high quality video translation Services to attract and engage clients around the world. We are a full-service video translation company with capabilities to deliver end-to end video solutions in over 100 languages. From the multilingual transcription to the new language voice-over.

Video Marketing is an important outlet of a marketing effort. Current business owners and managers would agree that Video is a powerful part of the customer experience, but you may be surprised to see the numbers behind this statistic:

Search Engine Watch reports that video influences 73% of viewers to purchase

While these statistics strictly address advertising, their impact is clear: Video appears to be one of the single greatest drivers to viewers and purchasers online today. However, with 65% of online visitors speaking a native language other than English, proper video translation becomes a critical component of the process. And that is the strength of JR Language Translations.

Getting Started with Video Translation

Our service begins with your needs and determining the two most important items.

Following those questions, and completing the list below helps JR Language produce the most accurate specifications and quotes for your video translation project. Consider using these for your own preparation:

Once these questions are answered, JR Language produces a quote. The free quote includes the project specifications, and use of native speaking human translators.

Audio and Video Transcription Services:

On approval of the quote, the next step is to work with the transcript of the video or audio. Some clients have the transcript ready others need the creation of the transcript from the file sent. After the transcript is ready the translations stage takes place. The transcript carefully translated by qualified, experienced translators to ensure it conveys correct information and cultural nuance. Transcripts are time coded to match the placement of the translated version on the video or audio file.

Video Translation Services Interpretation

Video Voice-over and Dubbing:

Upon review and approval of the translation of the script of the video or audio, voice-talents best suited to the project are assigned. The voice-over and production team deliver high-definition, high-quality video files for final internal review. Part of the review process is to ensure these voice-overs are easy for the target audience’s listening and understanding.

Our Video Translation Process:

Subtitle Voiceover Process

JR Language guarantees:

Professional Video Translation Services
As you can imagine, target audience becomes very important in these situations. Translation for an original Japanese product video differs greatly from video game translation into Spanish. That’s the reason JR Language operates with teams of translators who work in their native language as well as business specialties.

Our Experience in Multilingual Video Production

JR Language has extensive experience in providing video translation, localization and voice over services for companies in a wide range of industries including:

Multilingual Video Production Translation

Get a Quote for your video Translation Project

To receive your free quote for video translation, contact us today to setup a time to go over the details with you. We look forward to helping you communicate your value to clients, employees, students and viewers through the power of video translation.


Video Translation Frequently Asked Questions:

Video translation implicates the translation of audio and visual content of a video from one language to another. You can add subtitles, dubbing, or voice-over to translate a video into the target language or languages.

  • Corporate videos.
    Instructional videos.
  • Marketing and advertising videos.

Videos requiring translation services include:

  • E-learning materials.
  • Entertainment content like movies and TV shows.
Video translation services are available in 100 languages.

Subtitling involves adding text—either in the video's original language or translated—over the video. On the other hand, dubbing consists of replacing the original audio with the translated audio in the target language.

Subtitling is quicker and less expensive than dubbing, but may be inappropriate for some video types. You can also add both subtitles and dubbing to a video!

The cost of video translation services varies depending on several factors, including the length of the video, the language pair, and the particular services required for video production. Other elements are the nature of the video: the industry the content is for, the number of people talking, and any on-screen text.

The turnaround time for video translation services depends on several aspects. The length of the video, audio quality, and services required all factor into the amount of work involved. For some video translations, we need to transcribe the original audio, translate the text, subtitle, and provide voice-over. For other projects, we begin with translating the client-created transcript.


Please indicate your timeframe beforehand to ensure that we plan the video translation process to complete it within the required deadline.

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