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As the world leader in population and internet users, China is an attractive market for companies looking to expand their reach. To effectively reach the Chinese market, your marketing material must be translated and localized by professionals who understand the complexities of the Chinese language.

More than Chinese Translation: Chinese Localization

The Chinese language has many ‘layers’, for both written and spoken form.

Written Chinese consists of two different forms: Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Be aware- regions that speak the same Chinese dialect may not necessarily use the same written form of Chinese.

Take for instance, China and Taiwan- Mandarin is spoken as the primary language in both countries. However, the Traditional form of written Chinese is mainly used in Taiwan, while Simplified Chinese is the standard form used in mainland China. That is why it is important for clients to properly identify their target audience.

With different dialects and written forms being used in each Chinese speaking region, localization of documents is needed to make your translated material suitable to your target audience. We will help you communicate effectively with the Chinese audience you want to reach.

Chinese Language Translation

JR Language Knows Best

JR Language has an extensive and professional team of Chinese translators, who are experts in different areas of translation,  who are well equipped to handle the complexities of the Chinese language.

Chinese Translations for Multiple Usage

  • Chinese Business Translation– China is a business force! But entering such a big business environment can be challenging especially if you are trying to communicate in a foreign language. Translating your document into Chinese will make the process easier and more effective.
  • Chinese Website Localization– If your headquarters are virtual, your world moves faster! Customize your website to each Chinese market.
  • Chinese Legal Translation– Whether it is a translation of personal documents to meet U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) requirements, court documents, marriage licenses or more, we will translate your Chinese legal documents with great attention to detail and confidentiality.
  • Chinese Certified Translation– There are Chinese students all over the United States and to support their academic experience they require the translation of the Academic material, Syllabus, diplomas and other certifications. We also work in the translation of official document for immigration.
chinese Language Translation Services

Chinese Language Facts

  • Contrary to most languages, Chinese verbs do not change according to person, tense or singular/plural.
  • There is no gender in Chinese language
  • The most commonly spoken Chinese dialect is Mandarin with 836 million native speakers, followed by Wu and Cantonese (Internet World Stats)
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