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Accurate, High-Quality Foreign Language Subtitling Services

JR Language Translation Services provides professional multilingual subtitles in over 100 languages. Subtitle translation helps increase global engagement with your video content, and with the help of our linguist, engineers, technical specialists, and project managers- we’ll deliver broadcast ready subtitles and captions that successfully communicates your video’s message to your new target audience.

We provide subtitle translation and caption services as part of our Video Localization Services. Working for a wide range of industries and purposes, in 100 languages, including the following:

Multilingual Subtitling and Captioning for Your Industry

Our multilingual subtitling and captioning services cover a broad variety of industries. No matter what field your video content relates to, you can trust our linguists to provide an industry appropriate translation of your video content.

Our pool of professional translators includes those who specialize in the following industries:

Video Translation Voiceover Subtitle

Delivering Localized Video Content

Our translation company ensures that the message of your video content is communicated effectively in the language of your target audience. Beyond translating your video dialogue, our translators are skilled in making editorial choices that assure the subtitles are timed to coincide with the onscreen dialogue while retaining the style and tone of your original content in a way that is culturally appropriate to your target audience- a process called localization. The readability of the viewer is extremely important in subtitling, so you need a skilled and experienced team that knows and follows the best practices.

We work with multiple video formats and different types of applications. Whether your video is meant to engage users of home entertainment, social media, YouTube, web marketing or general broadcasts, our multilingual subtitles services will meet the requirements established for your transcription project.

Subtitles for YouTube Videos​

If you need subtitles for a YouTube video, we will provide the files that are needed so you can upload them in the platform in as many languages as you require.

Burned In Subtitles

If you want the video to be able to be played on any platform with the subtitles, then you may need them to be hardcoded or “burned” on the video. We can also provide that service, sometimes called open caption.

Using Subtitles and Dubbing for your Video Translation

The inclusion of the translated subtitles can be combined with a voice-over in the new language. We offer multilingual voice over services in 100 languages too!

Transcription Translate Subtitles

Changing the language of the Subtitles

Multilingual subtitles for video are a cost-effective alternative to dubbing audio into another language because it takes less time to produce and does not require voice talent or studio editing.

You can provide us with a copy of the subtitles in a typed format to work from. Alternatively, we can transcribe your video/audio, translate the script, then develop the subtitles in your desired language while utilizing best practices in incorporating the subtitles into the video. Aside from expanding your audience base, video subtitles have the potential benefits of improving your video’s SEO performance.

If you are interested in SEO services, we’ll also include keywords in the subtitle translation process to improve user experience and searching opportunities of your video.

Our team is ready to help in your Subtitle Translation Project

If you need or are interested in understanding more about subtitle translation services, contact JR Language translation company today! We look forward to understanding the details of your request and answering your questions.

We look forward to helping you connect with your desired audience through video and subtitle translation. You can get in touch with us through calling, by email, using the information below, or by requesting a Free quote.

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