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Companies and individuals in Baltimore count on JR Language Translation Services to deliver professional, reliable translations in a timely fashion. For any business sector your company specializes in, we are equipped to offer language translation solutions to deliver a translated document, website, video, audio, or presentation that is ready for consumption by your intended recipients.

With a broad offering of multilingual solutions, we have vetted professional translators who are ready to tackle your translation project and localize your content to the language and region of the world required.

JR Language provides the following language translation services:


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Request your free estimate immediately, you will get excellent quality and precise translations with JR Language. Why wait?

JR Language serves Baltimore’s well respected healthcare and medical industry with medical translation services. Patients, physicians and other healthcare professionals in Baltimore can and do trust us to translate to English, medical documents including medical test results, vaccine records, X-rays, diagnosis, healthcare applications, and many other types of medical records. Our translation agency is also experienced in translation of research material for Universities and researchers.
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Clients in Baltimore and all around the US count on the expertise of JR language translation company to deliver accurate and affordable Spanish Translation services.

From documents, videos, and websites, our clients’ goals are reached within the promised time and on budget. Are you looking to translate it into Mexican Spanish? Do you need a Spanish website for Spain? You have come to the right place for Spanish Translations.

Our translation company provides professional document translation services in Baltimore, serving the city’s residents and businesses. We deliver reliable document translation that is customized to suit your business needs. Your document translation will be delivered within your requested time frame with the help of the most qualified professional translator with industry specific knowledge to deliver an accurate, and effective translation project.

We offer personal document translation services to help individuals fulfill requirements for USCIS, employment, studying internationally, and medical appointments. We produce certified translations of birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, medical documents, academic transcripts and degrees. Do you need another type of document translated? We are ready to help! Contact us today, we look forward to understanding and fulfilling your document translation needs.

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Joseph Mervin
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Great service with excellent quick responses. I was able to get documents translated from Thai to English very quickly [and] efficiently. Staff responded to my questions very fast and courteous.
OSK New York
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Very professional and competent. Quick turnaround on almost any language as far as I know. Highly recommended.
Air Alliance Houston
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Great service. Very professional, high quality work, and time-efficient
Xeeroy Rada
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Everyone was so gracious and helpful during this process. [...] Definitely recommend JR Language if you need translation services!
Cynthia Aparicio
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JR Language Translation Services did an amazing job for me!
Beyond 12
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I was very satisfied with JR Language Translation services. They were professional every step of the process and I received a great work product. I will be sure to collaborate with them again for all of our translation needs.
Tipping Point Communications
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We used the service for a 5-panel brochure needing to be translated from English into Spanish for a client. The entire process went extremely smoothly. No edits were needed to their translation. I would absolutely use JR Language Translation Services again.
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JR Languages delivers professional legal translation services for Baltimore’s community of businesses and individuals. Our legal translation services have a reputation of trustworthiness and reliability that is strongly supported by our large pool of professional legal translators. Your legal translation request is handled with the utmost care and security, customized with translation solutions that are perfectly suited to your needs. Laws and regulations are unique to each country, which is why we take extra care to assign the legal translator who is not only fluent in the languages involved, but also understands the legal concepts and terminology covered in the original content. Our legal translation services cover a wide range of legal documents including the following:

Businesses and individuals count on JR language for certified translation services. Each certified translation we deliver is a complete, word-for-word translation of the original document, completed by professional translators experienced in the source and target languages required. Our services cover all types of documents from diplomas, birth certificates, and vaccination records to more complex legal documents including power of attorney and adoption decrees. We have a 100% acceptance rate with USCIS, U.S. government agencies, educational institutions, and businesses.

You can request an electronic copy of your certified translation or have a physical copy delivered to your address. All information submitted to us is kept strictly confidential. If you need a certified translation or have questions about the process, get a free quote today or contact us at 585-563-5419 to speak with one of our project managers.

Translation Agency in Baltimore
To serve Baltimore’s federal agencies, JR Language provides multilingual translation services to help facilitate communication and access to information for LEP (Limited English Proficient) individuals. We deliver reliable, professional translation projects for government projects including Health and Social Services, Environment Conservation, Housing Development, Climate projects and more. The types of language translation services we offer to Baltimore’s Government sector include website translation in several languages and document translation to communicate effectively with the city’s diverse population.

JR Language provides onsite and remote interpretation services for individuals and businesses in Baltimore. Whether you are hosting smaller or larger scale events, you can count on us to select the most qualified professional interpreter who will meet your needs and ensure productive multilingual interactions for all involved.

Choose from a variety of formats including over the phone and Zoom interpretation. We’ll work with you to make sure your interpretation solution is well-tailored to your specific needs. If you’re looking to hire a professional interpreter, contact us today to discuss your requirements ahead of time.

About the City of Baltimore

Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland, and is among the top 30 most populous cities in the U.S. It is the largest U.S seaport in the Mid-Atlantic. The city is rich in history, and has 72 designated historic districts. Much of Baltimore’s history has also been shaped by the cultural and ethnic diversity of its residents. For nearly 2 centuries, Baltimore was a major port of entry for people crossing the Atlantic Ocean. At one point, Baltimore’s waterfront community “Fell’s Point” was the second largest point of immigration after Ellis Island. The city’s first residents included people of European, Asian, and African descent. To this day, the city continues to see more foreign-born newcomers from other regions such as the Middle East, Latin America, and more.

Out of a population of over 620,000 nearly 48,000 are foreign-born. Common countries of birth for the city’s foreign born population include Mexico, Jamaica, El Salvador, Trinidad and Tobago, China, Nigeria, Korea, and the Philippines. The largest group of language-speakers other than English, include Spanish, Chinese, French, Korean, Russian, Arabic, and other African languages.

Baltimore’s Healthcare industry is one of the most impressive nationwide. It is supported by internationally respected medical institutions like Johns Hopkins University- which JR Language has been proud to serve. Baltimore’s other key industries bio-sciences, higher education, Government, Information Technology, and Financial Services.

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