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Interpretation Services

Quality interpretation services in 100 languages

JR Language offers high-quality and reliable language interpretation services in more than 100 languages. From Portuguese interpretation to Spanish interpretation, we will provide the language service you require. Let us know what languages and the type of event you are hosting, and we will select and assign the best team and solution for your interpretation project.

Our professional interpreters are experienced and have subject matter knowledge to bridge the language barrier in any setting. All of our interpreters are qualified, educated, trained, and have years of experience performing interpretation services with an extraordinary standard of excellence.  

Our Language Interpretation services

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Our interpretation company will fulfill any requirement with a variety of offerings for interpretation types and interpretation settings. On-site, with an interpreter personally present or remotely via specially designed processes and platforms.

Consecutive Interpretation Services

The interpreter waits until the speaker pauses to start delivering the message. It is mostly used in legal environments and small business meetings or where communication is one-on-one.
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The simultaneous interpreter delivers the message while the original speaker is still talking. It is typically used in large gatherings. Ideal for seminars, exhibitions, and conferences. Simultaneous interpretation is more demanding than consecutive interpretation since it requires great concentration and effort to speak one language while hearing another. In the majority of cases, audio equipment is used and the configuration depends on the length of the simultaneous interpretation event, number of languages, and number of attendees. Interpreters have to listen, understand what is being said, translate it into another language, and put it into complete grammatically correct sentences, in real-time.

Conference interpretation services provide real-time language translation, ensuring that every participant understands the proceedings, regardless of their native language. Our skilled interpreters have access to industry leading technology and can convey complex information accurately, bridging language gaps seamlessly. When you need seamless communication for a large international conference or an intimate workshop for a global team, work with professional conference interpreters to ensure every participant is engaging smoothly and has all necessary language resources to make your event a truly enriching experience.

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Escort interpretation services provide real-time language support while navigating a foreign country to ensure a stress-free and productive travel. Professional liaison interpreters accompany you throughout your travels, assisting in various situations, from business meetings to casual conversations. With an escort or travel interpreter by your side, you can confidently explore new markets, build international relationships, and immerse yourself in different cultures without worrying about miscommunication or lack of language access.

A video interpreting service is a type of interpretation service where the interpreter provides language services assistance from a distant location, either through a platform that allows video conferencing for video remote interpretation (VRI) or over-the-phone interpretation (OPI). JR Language’s qualified language interpreters are the perfect addition to managing customer and business meetings with participants that do not speak English at the level of fluency needed for a successful meeting.

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interpretation services zoom remote

Within our remote interpreting services, we offer zoom simultaneous as well as consecutive interpretation in 40 languages. This includes American Sign Language interpreters to assist the communication during your zoom meeting. The interpreter will be in the Zoom meeting, assisting the execution with language support. We can also host your Zoom meeting, including the setup, coordination, and monitoring during the event.

Over-the-phone interpretation is a consecutive interpretation executed over the phone. Especially useful if an interpreter is needed quickly or on-demand. A fast and economical solution to implement. We can set up an over-the-phone interpretation service on-demand with 24/7 access with phone interpreters that are trained and ready to help you. This is an ideal solution for healthcare practices and social service organizations.

Interpretation Over-the-phone

Specialized Professional Interpreters

To serve you well, our language interpretation services cover all the specialties or areas that you might need: consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, court interpreting, legal interpreting, business interpreting, as well as medical interpreting. We also have interpreters with government security clearance for more sensitive matters. You can be sure we only use professional interpreters with the necessary experience and credentials to perform at the highest level of interpreting. Each interpreter is carefully selected, has fluency in the language combination required, and is well versed in the industry pertinent to the assignment.

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Legal Interpretation Services

Our legal interpreting services exist to support law firms and their clients in delivering communication between people that speak different languages in court proceedings, depositions, trials, interviews, and attorney-client meetings. Only legal Interpreters with extensive expertise in legal terminology. No matter the case if you need expert interpreting assistance, our team of international legal interpreters will be there to support your case or situation.

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Medical Phone Interpretation

Medical Phone Interpreter services aid the multilingual communication in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and dental offices to assist providers and patients that cannot understand each other due to language barriers. Interpreting in healthcare is important to make sure the message is clear in this critical service sector.

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Business Interpretation Services

Business interpreting services are a vital tool in a globalized world. If you are hosting a meeting with your employees around the world, hosting a conference with attendees that speak different languages, or trying to expand your horizons with partners from other countries. Language interpreting for businesses shows understanding and commitment to clear and effective communication.

From business, social services, school districts to healthcare and law-related assignments JR Language has the right professional interpreter to accomplish your language interpretation project.

JR Language will meet all your language interpretation needs including:

Please discuss your organization’s needs with an interpreter coordinator that will support the request from the beginning and will stay on board until the completion of the interpreting services. From one-on-one face-to-face meetings to a large conference, our main goal is to ensure that your meetings and events reach objectives and run smoothly with JR Language’s highly qualified team of seasoned interpreters regardless of the spoken languages.

Conference Interpreting

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Our goal is to provide a professionally designed and cost-effective conference interpretation in the languages and fields of specialization that our clients need. A conference is a complex endeavor, and we will be your committed partner to facilitate the multilingual interaction for all the participants. JR Language teams of professional interpreters are highly skilled in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, on-site or working remotely to support the language needs of the conference and meeting.

Interpretation Equipment Rental

Some events demand specialized equipment to deliver a smooth conference session or training program; JR Language is ready to tailor your meeting arrangement with interpretation booths, microphones, wireless receivers–all the equipment, connectivity, and technical support necessary so that every person can easily understand and participate. Our technicians are on-site during your entire event to ensure a streamlined operation.

Please discuss your interpretation equipment rental early in the planning stage of your meeting and conferences to allow enough time to reserve the equipment and technical support needed.

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Translation Services to Support your events

To ensure the success of your global meeting, in addition to interpreting services JR Language provides translation services including:

If your organization or business needs support to manage language barriers in a multilingual meeting, the addition of interpreter services will contribute by enhancing the communication process. Trust JR Language to assist you in delivering the right message in real-time adding the perfect language services to ensure language access timely. Contact us and one of our language solutions specialists will gladly answer any questions you may have about language interpretation services.

Interpretation Services Frequently Asked Questions:

Interpretation is orally translating spoken words or messages from one language to another. Users may request Interpretation services for simultaneous or consecutive delivery.

There are two main types of interpretation services: consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation!

Consecutive interpretation involves the interpreter translating the speaker's message after they have finished speaking. On the other hand, simultaneous interpretation involves the interpreter translating the information as the speaker is talking in real-time.

Depending on the location of the professional interpreters, the interpretation can be on-site or remote. Remote interpretation can be executed over the phone or via video calls, like zoom interpretation services.

Our clients use interpretation services for multilingual events to improve communication and participation—usual events include business meetings, international conferences, legal proceedings, medical appointments, and diplomatic negotiations.

When choosing professional interpreters, it is essential to consider their language skills, experience, and expertise in the subject matter of the event or situation. It is also vital to ensure that the interpreter is fluent in both the source and target languages and has years of experience delivering interpretation services. Lastly, if you are utilizing video software for your interpretation, ensure the interpreter is comfortable with said technology.

The cost of interpretation services varies depending on the type of interpretation required, the event's length and location, the languages required, and the interpreter's required expertise. Another factor is the technology and equipment needed to deliver the interpretation, such as using a booth setup or portable interpretation equipment for simultaneous interpretations.
Choosing an experienced and reputable provider is essential to ensure the quality of interpretation services. Ask specific questions and request references from previous engagements. It is also helpful to provide the interpreter with all pertinent background information or materials in advance and to ensure that the interpreter has the necessary equipment and facilities to perform their job effectively.
Your interpretation services should be booked as far in advance as possible, especially for large or complex events. Having time will allow the interpretation company to plan for the event and secure the interpreters with the necessary skills and experience. It will also give the time needed for any equipment and logistics arrangements necessary.

JR Language offers interpretation services in more than 100 language combinations. For phone interpretation services, we provide 24/7 service in 200 languages.


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