French Translation Services

French translations for specific markets

Our French translations are localized and tailored to the precise French locale that you require. We have native Canadian, Belgian, Swiss, and French translators who focus on the specific region of the world for which the translation is intended. We will sustain your project with Native French translators experienced in the subject matter; they will deliver the best English to French translation obtainable.

Fascinating Particulars about French

  • French is spoken by 265 million people in the world.
  • French is the official language of 22 countries and also shares honors with other languages in countries like Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Haiti, and Madagascar.
  • French is the second most taught language in the world.
  • French is spoken by approximately 2 million people in the US, in Louisiana and New England (predominantly in Maine).
  • By law, the Federal Government of Canada must supply services in French language and in English language.
  • In Canada, most products and services must be labeled in French and in English.
French Language Translation

The way French is spoken and written in different localities, differs from one place to the other and is greatly modified by local customs and culture, historical evolution and the influence of other languages spoken in that country or place. When we translate from English into French, the French Localization process has to be done taking all these elements into consideration. The same knowledge and awareness is important in the reverse process, when we translate from French into English Language. That aspect of the translation practice is a key element of the process and requires adequate and experienced French translators.

French Translations

French to English translation services

Your translation project will rely on top quality French to English translators whose native language is English. We translate from French into English for diverse specialty fields and industries. We work with simple documents and large projects that include software and manuals.

Does your company need specialized and qualified French translations?

We have the best native translators and subject matter experts who have passed our stringent quality tests. We will provide you with the premier class of English to French translation and French to English translation with the highest quality and fast turnaround.

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