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For exceptional French translation services, work with JR Language. Whether you’re looking for English to French or French to English translation, we can assist with translation projects of any kind. Our company has a proven track record of excellence in French translation projects—from complex documents to websites and from manuals to eLearning content.

Companies in the USA and around the globe trust JR Language for accurate French language translations. They rely on our customer-centric approach to language services, which focuses on choosing a custom solution and workflow to ensure a high-quality final product for every client.

We have an outstanding team of professionals to manage your translation projects, from French-speaking project managers to a first-class team of French linguists. Let us help you connect effectively with your French-speaking audiences.

Why Select JR Language as Your French Translation Company?

  • History of success: You can have confidence in our years-long track record of successfully supporting clients’ needs with excellent French translation services.
  • Multi-industry expertise: We can accommodate French-language content for a wide variety of industries.
  • Exceptional team: Our experienced professional French translators are as committed to client satisfaction as we are.
  • Versatility: No matter your needs, JR Language offers an array of solutions for executing language projects of all types. We can also handle high-volume content and a broad range of file types.
  • Tailored service: We first work with you to understand your project requirements, and then design the best workflow and process to achieve your goals.
  • Diverse approach to translation services: Translation isn’t a one-size-fits-all area. That’s why we offer human translation, machine translation services, or a hybrid model to best support your unique French translation needs.
  • Typesetting capabilities: The text expansion that occurs after translating from English into French typically requires 15–20% more space in the layouts of documents, websites, and apps. Let us manage the typesetting of your French content and deliver a finished product you’ll be proud of.

Does Your Company Need Specialized and Qualified French Translations?

Our team features the very best native translators and subject matter experts, all of whom have passed our stringent quality tests. If you’re looking for exceptional English to French translation and French to English translation with fast turnaround, choose JR Language.

We offer French translations for many industries, and will select the appropriate team based on your content type and area of specialty:

Don’t see your industry here? Don’t worry—this is not an exhaustive list; we can accommodate French translations for any sector.
Translation Services French

French Localization Services for the Most Targeted Translation

english to french translation services

The way French is spoken and written varies greatly from one locality to another. This beautiful language can be significantly modified by local customs and culture, historical evolution, and the influence of other languages spoken in that country or place.

When content is translated from English to French, all these elements must be taken into consideration to communicate most effectively with the target audience. From the start of your French translation project, you want to know whether you’re localizing into European French, Canadian French, or French for any other kind of locality. Producing an audience-appropriate, localized translation requires a translator with experience who can navigate the subtle nuances in language forms. This kind of attention to detail can make all the difference in how your message resonates with your target customers.

At JR Language, we understand localization is a key aspect of the translation process. Whether you need Canadian French, European French, Swiss-French, or African French, our French translations can be localized and tailored to the precise French locale you require. We have native Canadian, Belgian, Swiss, and French translators who focus on the specific region of the world for which the translation is intended. Just tell us about your French-speaking markets and their location, and we’ll select the best translator for your project. This level of customization is how we deliver the most precise and polished French translations possible.

French Document Translation Services

Whether you’re looking to translate a large product manual, presentation, or financial report, we’re ready to tackle your English-to-French translation project of any size. Our expert team will design an efficient and cost-effective solution for your content, no matter how complex.
French Document Translation
In addition to supporting a variety of documents from different industries and sectors, our team can work with an array of document formats such as Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft PowerPoint, Illustrator, or PDF. Just tell us about your French translation project and send us your file—we’ll gladly take over your multilingual communication project so you can focus on your core business with total peace of mind.

Certified French Translation Services

Are you looking for professional French translation for your official documents? Whether it’s for personal or company needs, we provide certified French translation services for all types of business and legal documents. Clients ranging from government agencies to global companies rely on JR Language to produce the translation and different levels of certifications for global use. Notary and apostilles services are also available for your convenience.
French Certified Document Translation
In addition, JR Language offers certified French-into-English translation for United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and any other international transactions.

French-to-English Translation Services

Do you have French documents that need translated into English? When you hire JR Language, your translation project will be placed in the hands of skilled French-to-English translators whose native language is English. We translate documents from French into English for diverse specialty fields and industries, whether it’s a few simple documents or large software projects. Need another set of eyes for your French-into-English translations? Not to worry—we’re here to help!

Why is It Important to Offer French-Language Content?

If you’ve ever wondered about offering French-language content for your business, here are a few great reasons to consider it:

If you want to effectively reach French-speaking customers, potential clients, partners, and employees, you must offer video content in their language of preference. From the French translation of your transcripts to subtitles and French voiceovers, contact us for all your video translation and localization needs. We offer French video translation services for marketing, training, eLearning content, and more. Tell us about your requirements and we’ll provide a blueprint for your French video translation project that’s tailored-fitted to your audience.

French Video Localization Services

JR Language is a French-language company offering a host of solutions for translation and interpretation services. From on-site to remote interpretation, from consecutive to simultaneous services, call on us to coordinate your multilingual events from start to finish. We’ll arrange for professional interpreters and the equipment necessary to flawlessly execute your conference, training season, or business meeting. Our French interpretation services include:

interpretation remote for french

Looking for Reputable Language Services for French-Speaking Markets?

Trusted by companies around the world, JR Language offers high-quality French translation services at a competitive cost. Our comprehensive language solutions are backed by expert French translators and cutting-edge technologies to ensure a final product that exceeds your expectations.

Contact us today for help in engaging your French-speaking audiences.

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