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JR Language Translation Services is proud to serve San Antonio, Texas, as a full-service translation and interpretation agency offering services in over 100 languages. Our experienced team of translators and interpreters is ready to serve your language needs with fast turnaround times and high-quality translations. 

Whether you need certified translation services for an individual, legal translation services for a multi-national corporation, or anything in between, JR Language Translation Agency is here to offer professional translation services in San Antonio and to make the document translation project process smooth. 

Language services available at our San Antonio office include:


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Phone Number: 866-389-5036

Website Form: Complete the form on this page indicating your needs, and upload the files for translation. We will get back to you shortly.

Email: Send us an email to with your needs, contact information, and attaching the files for translation. We will get back to you shortly.

Call us: Call us at 866-389-5036 to speak with a language solutions specialist.

Whether you need a translation of a simple document, a complex presentation or a website, you can count on the excellent quality and precise translations of JR Language. Why wait? Request your free estimate from our Translation Company in San Antonio now!

Other California Translation Services

Multilingual Translation Services in San Antonio

JR Language offers professional multilingual translation services in over 100 languages. Whether you need to reach audiences in Spanish, French, Arabic, German, Chinese, Vietnamese, Hebrew, or any other language, our team has the knowledge and the skill to get it done. Our professional translators are native speakers of each language with specific subject matter expertise, so you can rest assured your documents are accurate and professional. 

Document Translation Services in San Antonio, TX

Document translation services can be executed to meet an impending deadline with top-tier professional translators working along your side. No matter how many translated documents you need or how quickly you need them, you can count on the professionalism and expertise of our team of professional translators, linguists, and project managers to complete your translation project.

Certified Translation Services in San Antonio, TX

We offer certified translation services for all individuals and organizations. No matter the document type, our certified translations are guaranteed to be accepted by government entities such as USCIS, in a court of law, or any other situation. Our certified translations are turned around quickly so you can get the necessary documents. 

  • Passport translation
  • Birth certificate translations 
  • Death certificate translations
  • Medical reports translations
  • Marriage licenses translations 
  • Divorce documents translations 
  • Driver’s license translations 
  • Education document translations 

Do you need documents translated and certified for other countries? Don’t hesitate to contact us with your requirements; we will gladly help.




Barbara Vergara
Read More
I had a visitor guide translated from English to Spanish. The work was perfect and the turnaround time was really fast. I will definitely be using this company again!
Museum of Science
Read More
Excellent and professional translation; extremely responsive and accommodating. Thank you!
Anabel Trotman
Read More
Excellent job! I have no words to express my gratitude. The translation was very accurate. Thank you.
Antonio Williams, Esq. Attorney at Law
Read More
The best decision my law office has ever made.
Judith Hernandez
Read More
Excellent and fast service with affordable prices.
Housing Equality Center
of Pennsylvania
Read More
Quick response and accurate translations. Very pleasant to work with.

Spanish Translation Services for all your needs in San Antonio

JR Language Translation Agency is a top-tier Spanish translation provider serving the Hispanic community in San Antonio and throughout Texas. Whether you need to connect with Spanish-speaking audiences through Spanish website translation, Spanish marketing, or Spanish interpretation, our team of skilled Spanish translations and interpreters gets the job done. We work on Spanish translation projects at local and global scales in all aspects of business, human resources, education, government, and more. 

JR Languages offers translations in over 100 languages, including Spanish and other romantic languages, Asian languages, and left-to-right languages like Hebrew and Arabic.

San Antonio Legal Translation Services

Lawyers, law firms, businesses, and individuals throughout San Antonio, and other cities in Texas rely on JR Language Translation Services’ reputation and commitment to high-quality legal translations. We employ a large number of native speakers with legal expertise to translate legal documents that hold up on court depositions, client meetings, hearings, and other legal settings, both domestically and internationally.

Our team knows how quickly legal processes can move and will work with you closely to ensure you have the legal documents you need when you need them. 

Professional Language Interpretation Services in San Antonio

Our translation company offers a variety of language solutions and provides professional interpretation services for all events, both remotely and in person. We offer several types of remote interpreting services, including over-the-phone interpretations and Zoom interpretation. We also offer consecutive in-person interpreting services and simultaneous interpretation. 

From medical appointments and court hearings to business interviews and conferences, the team at JR Language has successfully provided interpreters for hundreds of events, creating language accessibility and inclusivity. 

Technical Translations for Energy, Aerospace, Healthcare, and Bioscience Companies in San Antonio

JR Language specializes in technical translation services for various industries, including energy, aerospace, bioscience, and other technology companies throughout San Antonio and Texas. Our skilled technical translators are the best in the translation industry; native speakers of the language they work in with subject matter expertise in science, technology, and energy fields. There is no translation too technical for our team of experts and no deadline we cannot meet. 

Please call to discuss your project, type of files, and target audience. We will offer solutions that meet your needs and budget.

About the City of San Antonio, TX

San Antonio is the second-largest city in the state of Texas and the 7th most populous state in the entire USA. It is a warm, welcoming city that enjoys sunny weather year-round, abundant outdoor activities and a growing body of bars and restaurants. In 2014, San Antonio was ranked #1 on the Milken Institute of Best Performing Cities. 

San Antonio’s population is mainly Hispanic and has a long history of speaking Spanish, dating back to when the Spanish settled the city in the 18th century. The city enjoys a unique blend of Texan and Mexican culture and is the largest majority-Hispanic city in the country – 64% of residents are Hispanic, mainly of Mexican descent. San Antonio’s many neighborhoods are populated with diverse people speaking many languages and delicious restaurants and eateries. 

The most common language other than English spoken in San Antonio is Spanish, which over a third of the population speaks. Other common languages in San Antonio include Tagalog, Arabic, Chinese, and Vietnamese. 

San Antonio, TX’s economy relies heavily on aerospace, energy, bioscience, healthcare companies, and tourism, all of which are growing industries. In 2022, the city welcomed nearly 35 million visitors who enjoyed the warm weather and exploring the city’s history. San Antonio is home to the Alamo and the infamous Alamo battle of the Texas Revolution.

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