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Are you looking for fast, high quality Norwegian Translation Services? We are ready to help whether you are a company desiring to reach a global audience of Norwegian speakers, or an individual who needs personal documents translated. JR Language provides translations from Norwegian to English and English to Norwegian.

JR Language offers Norwegian translation services with expertise in the following fields-

Why is Norwegian Translation Important?

The Norwegian language has a bigger reach than you probably thought! It is spoken as a native language by about 5 million people around the world, 4 million of which reside in Norway.

If your goal is to give your website a global reach, including Norwegian language content in your website can help you add clients from the Norwegian Market. New clients will be more likely to find you in their searches and buy from you if you have content in their language!

Norway is home to a stable economy and rich with natural resources including oil and gas, forests and minerals. If your content is related to the oil and gas field, being able to communicate in the native language opens up a new window of opportunity.

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Norwegian Localization Services

There are two standard forms of written Norwegian, Bokmål and Nynorsk. Both forms differ in grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. Knowing which form to use requires the expertise and skill of a Norwegian localization specialist.

Our Norwegian translation team along with our project managers will guide you through the translation and localization process, making sure that the translated content gets your message across to your target audience.

Reliable English to Norwegian Translation Services

Norwegian Translation and Localization Services– Tell us who your target audience is, and we’ll make sure your intended message is conveyed to them in such a way that it will be perceived as originally written for the Norwegian audience! Our Translation Company offers Norwegian localization for website translation, marketing and advertising translation to help you communicate effectively with Norwegian speakers. If you are looking for other types of translation projects, our translation agency has a team of Norwegian Translators skilled in different fields of expertise, and we will make sure the best professional translator is handpicked for your project.

Norwegian Oil and Gas Translation Service– JR Language Translation Services specializes in the translation of content specifically created for the oil and gas industry. Our translation agency provides fast, reliable translation services including manuals, export and import documents with the help of professional Norwegian translators who are skilled in oil and gas translations. Need Video training for equipment? We can help by translating videos from English into Norwegian. We offer voice over and subtitles in more than 100 languages.

Trusted Norwegian to English Translation

Certified Translations from Norwegian to English– We offer certified translation services from Norwegian to English for immigration purposes. You can trust our translation company to deliver fast, accurate translations of any of your personal documents including academic documents, medical records, birth certificates, divorce decrees and driver’s license. Our certified translations are also guaranteed acceptable for college, employment application processes and litigation.

Legal Document Translation from Norwegian to English– If you’re bringing your business to the international front, you are likely to need professional legal translation services. We translate all types of legal documents from affidavits, amendments, deeds to court depositions. Your Norwegian legal translation project will be assigned to a professional Norwegian translator with a strong background in the legal field who delivers legal translations with the precision and accuracy required.

If you need any type of document or electronic file translated from Norwegian in to English count on JR Language, we are a one-stop Translation agency with the knowledge and technology to assist you in your Norwegian Translation Project.

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