Swedish Translation Services

Is the Swedish market one of your target audiences? Our Translation Company helps you establish successful business with Swedish speakers through our top quality Swedish translations. Do you have your eye on major business opportunities with Swedish companies? We are prepared to assist you with professional Swedish translation services that are guaranteed fast and reliable.

We offer English to Swedish and Swedish to English translation services with specialized capabilities in the following fields:

Why is Swedish Translation Important?

10 million people speak Swedish as their native language. While the majority of these speakers are in Sweden, the Swedish language is also spoken in Finland as an official language. Swedish is also spoken in parts of Canada, Estonia, Norway and U.S.

The variety of regions in which Swedish is spoken guarantees the Swedish language to be a valuable investment for a successful global marketing campaign. By making Swedish content available in your website and marketing efforts, you’ll successfully draw a larger audience to your brand.

Please indicate your need and we will put our team of professional Swedish translators to work for you.

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Swedish Localization Services

The Swedish language has 6 general categories of dialects. Determining which form to use involves knowing the locale of your target audience. Our Swedish translation team is made up of native Swedish speakers who know how to adapt your message in a way that is suitable to your desired audience.

High Quality English to Swedish Translation

Swedish Translation and Localization– JR Language skillfully navigates the complexities of localizing content so that your Swedish audience believes that the translated content is original content! We’ll help you successfully engage the Swedish market with English to Swedish translation of marketing material which includes video and transcription translation.

Swedish Import and Export Translation Services– Our Swedish translation team provides high quality import and export translations for documents such as bills of lading, invoices, inspection papers and purchase contracts. Trust JR Language’s experience helping companies produce the documentation required to fulfill import and export procedures when shipping to Swedish speaking regions.

Professional Swedish to English Translation

Certified Document Translation from Swedish to English– JR Language is a translation agency leader in providing certified translations for Immigration and educational purposes. We translate all documents required for immigration including birth certificates, driver’s licenses and medical records. Our certified translation services are also acceptable for other requirements including application for Universities, employment and legal cases.

Legal Document Translation from Swedish to English- Translations of legal documents are required when conducting business internationally. These translations must also be error-free and understood by the end users. That’s why JR Language is a trusted partner when it comes to delivering accurate legal document translations within budget and time. You can count on us to translate any type of legal document from Swedish to English, including power of attorney, affidavits, written depositions and contracts.

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