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Professional Spanish Translation That Supports Today’s Global Business World

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Spanish translation services are integral to the growth of businesses in the United States and abroad. That’s why it’s so important to count on the right Spanish translator for your project. You must have a linguist with a high level of skill who also has specialized knowledge in your subject matter and the technology to support your content needs. You’ll find all of that and more with JR Language, a trusted Spanish translation partner to companies worldwide.

Complete Spanish Translation Services for Diverse Industries

The United States has the second-largest Spanish-speaking population in the world after Mexico, and that sector of the population keeps growing. It’s no surprise that JR Language receives requests for professional Spanish translation services every day for a variety of uses, across a wide range of fields and industries.

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Legal Spanish Translation

When it comes to Spanish legal document translation for their clients and cases, lawyers want a translation company that can provide accurate and professional legal translation from English to Spanish. That’s why they turn to JR Language. From European Spanish to any of the variations from Latin America, we offer a comprehensive set of legal language services that includes legal document translation and interpretation services.
Legal Translation in Spanish and from Spanish

Legal clients return to JR Language time and again due to the exceptional service and high quality they receive when we translate their legal documents. They appreciate that we analyze their needs and offer a set of solutions to match their budget, timeline, and level of quality desired.

Legal clients return to JR Language time and again due to the exceptional service and high quality they receive when we translate their legal documents. They appreciate that we analyze their needs and offer a set of solutions to match their budget, timeline, and level of quality desired.

Technical Translation

Technical Spanish Translations for All Types of Content

Clients choose JR Language to handle technical translations into Spanish and 100+ languages. With our expert Spanish translators who have deep industry expertise, we will localize your content using the proper terminology and tone of voice required for your content and application.

From Spanish translations of complex technical documents to manuals and technical websites covering a broad range of topics, our team is ready to meet your project needs. No matter your field or industry, we will assemble an outstanding team to execute a successful, high-quality technical translation.

Translation of Technical Documents into Spanish

Below is a list of technical documents that we frequently translate for our customers:
Translation Services in Spanish

Translation Services for a Variety of File Formats

To continuously improve speed and cost efficiency for our clients, our language company integrates the latest translation technologies into our process. This includes cutting-edge software that allows us to translate a wide variety of file types and diverse formats. After your translation process is complete, you can take advantage of our complete multilingual typesetting services designed to get your files polished and ready for publication. Below are examples of file types used in our Spanish technical projects:
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Spanish Medical Translation Services

With experienced native-Spanish linguists and professional human translators on our team, JR Language provides accurate medical document translation services to several clients in the life sciences industry. Given our track record of client satisfaction in the medical translation services space, you can feel confident partnering with us. We are known for consistently delivering linguistically correct and technically precise Spanish translations. Among the types of Spanish medical document translations delivered by our company, you will find:
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Business Spanish Translation

Spanish is the official language of 24 countries and the second most-spoken language in the U.S., spoken by more than 45 million people. Spanish business translations are essential to doing business with Mexico, Spain, and other Spanish-speaking countries. They’re also instrumental in helping government agencies and businesses communicate with Spanish customers in cities like Chicago, Houston, New York, and Los Angeles. Professional Spanish translation is a must to ensure communication flows smoothly and all parties receive adequate information during business interactions.

Our Spanish translation agency supports all these corporate interactions with comprehensive, professional Spanish business translation and localization. Our services are designed to promote fluid, high-quality communication across all business channels. You’ll find our Spanish translation rates to be competitive, and your satisfaction with the execution of your English to Spanish project is 100% guaranteed.

Contact JR Language for an accurate, efficient translation of any document—from insurance, public relations, and marketing documents to human resource and legal documents.

Translation Services for Elearning

eLearning Translation Services

Are you looking for professional Spanish translation services for your eLearning content? Have confidence in our experience—we’re a translation agency with almost two successful decades of helping clients with their localized Spanish content. You’ll have access to a multidisciplinary team of experts and an efficient workflow for eLearning translation supported by best practices and the latest tools.

We offer translation from English to Spanish for:

English to Spanish Translation Services

When it comes to localization of eLearning content and modules experience is key. Our translation company has the capabilities to work with many authoring tools like Articulate Storyline, Captivate, Lectora, and others. We also have the capacity to work on a wide range of formats to address the diverse world of eLearning localization.

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Spanish Translation for Human Resources

In the United States, human resources (HR) departments rely on Spanish translation agencies to communicate effectively with their Spanish-speaking employees. Whether you’re providing Spanish interpretation services or translating employee handbooks into Spanish, communicating with your employees in the language they understand best is vital.

If you have Spanish-speaking employees, providing employee surveys in their language promotes inclusion and shows that all employees’ voices matter. A company with a large Spanish-speaking population must ensure that important human resources and safety content is translated into the language of its employees. This includes sexual harassment guideline documents, internal websites, and basic training materials.

When you use professional translation services for your human resources content, you ensure equal opportunity and a better level of communication for employees that speak Spanish. JR Language is here to help with all your human resources translation needs.

Spanish Translator Professional

Is Spanish Translation a Must for Your Business? We’re Ready to Help.

If you operate on a global level or have a growing employee population that speaks Spanish, chances are you will need the services of a Spanish translation agency at some point. Not sure if you need Spanish translation help? Ask yourself these questions: What Spanish-speaking countries do we market to? Which of our documents need Spanish translation? Do we require a Spanish website translation as well? Should we get our training materials translated into Spanish? Do we need a translation from English into Spanish for our employee handbook?

When you’re searching for a translation service partner, you must be sure that every Spanish translator at the agency will support your organization and its needs. Look for a translation service provider with a successful track record in translating from English into Spanish. Having a reliable translation agency by your side will give you the confidence and support to ensure flawless communication in Spanish whenever you need it.

Choose JR Language Translation Services, a company founded by native Spanish speakers who have worked in multiple industries and countries. In addition to possessing a deep knowledge and understanding of the culture of many Spanish-speaking countries, we have the world-class team and resources to make all your Spanish translation projects a success.

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