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Multilingual Transcription Available in 100+ Languages

JR Language provides professional transcription services in over 100 languages.  Whether the audio or video transcription required is in English, Spanish, Italian, or any other language, we have professional transcriptionists fluent in that language and dialect to give you the most accurate transcription available.  Whether the volume is large or small, our translation company will tailor our transcription services to meet your needs based on your project and industry.  We offer audio transcription and video transcription services in any industry project, such as legal, medical, educational, and business.

Transcription is often the first step in audio/video localization services. We can also do the translation of the transcription if needed. Audio/video translation services can also include multilingual subtitles, translation of the on-screen text and audio file creation.

We have the capabilities to transcribe and translate multiple types of audio content to produce a high-quality transcription and translation of the video.  We transcribe and translate the following pieces:

· Recordings of interviews, lectures, and speeches · Depositions and court hearings
· Voice messages, phone calls · Market research
· Advertisements · Webinars and Podcasts
· Video content · Broadcasts
· Conference recordings · eLearning courses

The JR Language team will deliver exceptional transcripts within your approved budget and on schedule.

Audio Transcription Services with Attention to Detail

A transcription is a written copy of a dictated or recorded material and should be treated as a legal document in the sense that it must be a verbatim copy of the original audio recording and should not be altered unless directed by the client.

Multilingual transcription is one of the professional services available at JR Language and is perfect for audio and video files. For each unique project, our linguists watch and/or listen to your recordings and transcribe the verbal communication into written communication. Once a transcribed document is produced, it can be translated into the language of your choice.

Our Transcription Services include timestamps or time-code to control the length of the piece if needed and accommodate for any on-screen references to be handled.

If you want to create an audio or video with the translated transcription, time coding is needed as languages expand and contract from the source language and time coding is used to make sure the translated language keeps in time with the video.

File Types We Transcribe:

  • MP3
  • MP4
  • MOV
  • AV1
  • WAV
  • AIFF

If you have a different file type, please let us know so that we can accommodate the requirements of your transcription project.

Elements That Impact the Price of Our Video Transcription

  • We can work around your deadline. Both standard and rush services are offered.
  • We create the format requested for the transcription, including time stamps and names of the people involved.
  • Manage time limitations on length for the translation stage
  • Audio with background noise will be evaluated for clarity
  • Elements that make the audio difficult to understand and require more time, like heavy accents, several people speaking at once, bad audio quality, low volume, and background sounds
  • Other requirements unique to your project

Send us the audio or video that requires transcription services and we will gladly create a free quote for your project.

Professional Transcription Services and Audio Translation Tailored for Your Industry

Depending on your specific audio translation needs, we will assign professional translators who specialize in translating for the industry that your content relates to.  Our multilingual transcription services cover a wide variety of industries, including the following:

· Marketing translation and localization · E-learning and educational translation
· Technical translation · Medical translation
· Game translation · Financial translation
· Scientific translation · Legal translation

Transcription and Localization of Your Audio Content

Our translation agency guarantees the message of your transcription will be translated and communicated effectively to your intended audience in the selected language.  Our team of transcribers and linguists consists of native speakers of the language you require, who are skilled in delivering culturally appropriate translation services that are localized to your audience while preserving your intended message.

Our Process is as follows:

  • We will discuss your project requirements, including target audience, file types needed, special requirements and time limitations.
  • Our experienced team of linguists will listen to your file and convert the audio into written text to create the transcription. If transcription is all that is needed, it will be delivered in a Word format.
  • If necessary, the transcription of the audio is time-coded in relation to the video.
  • Once an accurate transcript has been produced, we will assign it to the professional translator best suited for it.
  • The translator will produce a well-localized, industry-appropriate translation of the transcript within time limitations.
  • The translation of your transcription is reviewed and proofread.
  • The translated transcription is submitted to our client for approval.

Confidentiality in Your Audio or Video Transcription Services

JR Language is a translation company that works and operates under a strict confidentiality policy. Your files are securely stored and handled. All of our employees and contractors have signed confidentiality agreements.

We will sign confidentiality agreements or NDAs at your request and will take any specific measures you consider necessary to protect your sensitive information, including erasing your file after the work is completed.

Experience in Audio/Visual Transcription projects

When you are looking for reliable, accurate and professional transcription services, you need a company that has the resources and expertise to meet your expectations. JR Language has years of experience working in different types of projects with multilingual transcriptions.

To find out more about our audio translation process from transcribing the script to the final product, please contact us today.  We look forward to learning about your transcription services needs to help you achieve your goals.

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