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Consecutive Interpretation Services

Accurate and Professional Consecutive Interpreting

JR Language is a one-stop company for your multilingual communication needs, including consecutive interpretation services.

Communicating with precision is of critical importance in global business- especially when medical, legal, and technical matters are involved. The exchange of inaccurate information can jeopardize someone’s health, outcomes of court cases, or impact the training of an equipment operator.

In a multilingual setting, the exchange of information can be challenging when you need to communicate with customers, patients, or colleagues who speak a different language. Consecutive interpretation is a solution within the host of language interpretation options to bridge the language barrier.

In a consecutive interpretation, the professional interpreter and the speaker alternate, with the interpreter waiting until the speaker pauses to start delivering the message (interpretation).

Consecutive Interpretation On-Site or Remote

JR Language offers consecutive interpretation services on-site, remotely through special video platforms, or over the phone. To plan for your consecutive interpretation on-site, we will need time to check on the consecutive interpreter’s availability according to language combination, subject matter, location, and length of the assignment.

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In addition to on-site consecutive interpreting services, we offer consecutive remote interpretation, either using a video platform or over-the-phone. The video option will require the selection of the platform and coordination to add the interpreters’ support. Phone interpretation is a cost-effective form of consecutive interpretation that is achieved without the use of special equipment and without sending the interpreter to the location.

Remote interpretation is flexible since it can be arranged in a short time and provides immediate availability to a larger set of languages.

What to have in mind in Consecutive Interpretation

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Consecutive interpreting is the best mode of interpretation for sessions with back-and-forth exchanges, and interactive sessions like legal depositions, business meetings, or medical appointments. This mode of interpreting works in a similar fashion for both on-site and remote locations. The consecutive interpreter speaks in both languages.

Since consecutive interpreting includes pauses, starts, and stops for the speaker to speak and the consecutive interpreter to render the interpretation, the communication process will take longer than usual. Please factor that time into the planning and scheduling of your event.

Consecutive interpreting is often used in legal environments, medical settings, and small business meetings.

Simultaneous interpretation is the best-suited approach for long presentations, large conferences, and training sessions.

Consecutive Interpreting Settings:

Companies and organizations in different areas and industries will benefit from effective multilingual communication on occasions like:
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Service Offering for Consecutive Interpreting

We can assist your foreign language needs with consecutive mode interpreting that make your customers understand you in their native language using:

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Escort Interpretation

It is a type of interpreting service used when you are receiving a visitor that does not speak English or if you are traveling to a country and you do not speak the language of the place. The escort interpreter is a professional used to facilitate dinners, business travel, tours, and client’s visits abroad. They also help during informal communication like receiving the visitors at the airport, ordering food, and going shopping.

Interpretation Services Multilingual

JR Language will select the appropriate interpreter for your need to ensure that the escort interpreters have an excellent command of the languages involved, international experience, and cultural knowledge to act as the cultural liaison, always guarantee fluid communication and language support to create a good experience for the visitors.

Escorting interpretation generally uses the consecutive interpreting method, as it usually takes place in informal settings and does not require special equipment.

Customized Consecutive Interpretation Services:

Interpreting services are used globally to facilitate multilingual communication, from training sessions to one-on-one meetings. Consecutive interpreting is a good match for a small group setting. Every event has a set of needs that will determine the right configuration for the language service, JR Language is your interpretation services partner that will work to customize the event to your needs.

We have a highly qualified team of consecutive interpreters to select from according to your interpreting project to tailor the event to your specific needs. Our consecutive interpreters are professionals with experience, knowledge, and industry background to manage the terminology and subject matter for your event. Please provide any supporting material ahead of time that can facilitate previous research and improve the performance of the professional interpreters.

Depending on the size of the room and the number of attendees, a consecutive interpretation might require supporting equipment such as headsets and microphones.

Consecutive Interpretation rates

Having all the information and objectives for the interpretation project will help establish the budget needed. The cost will be affected by how many consecutive interpreters are required, the language pairs, the number of hours or days needed plus, theme or subject matter expertise, and if the consecutive interpreting is remote or on-site.
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Planning your multilingual event goes a long way

If you are planning an event or business activity that requires language support, please contact us as soon as possible so we can match your requirements to the best professional consecutive interpreters. We will need time to reserve the consecutive interpreter according to the foreign languages needed, location, length, and subject matter theme of the session.

For multilingual training sessions, meetings, on-site or online conferences contact JR Language with the dates and requirements for your event, we will plan and offer alternatives to ensure the best execution of your event. In addition to the options for the consecutive interpreting service will be glad to share the language services that our company offers.

What to expect from our Services in Consecutive Interpreting?

Our language company has years of experience managing and designing multiple interpretations for companies around the United States and abroad. With a dedicated interpretation service specialist from we can support from a long consecutive interpretation to an escort assignment for a business traveler.

Whether you need to arrange a consecutive interpretation for a legal meeting or an escort interpreter for a client visit, contact us ahead of time to assess your needs. We are ready to partner with your company to support your multilingual communication.

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