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Legal Translation Services

Fast, Accurate Legal Translations

Fast, Accurate Legal Translations

Does your company work globally and need to translate legal documents? Are you part of a law firm that deals with international litigation? The stress and complexity of legal work can increase exponentially when dealing with multilingual cases or cross-border litigation. Whether you’re an attorney with depositions that are vital to your case or an individual who needs the translation of legal immigration papers to get a job, accuracy and speed are essential.

At JR Language Translation Services, we understand legal translations leave no room for error. When you work with us, you’ll have the peace of mind that every legal document translation is precise, held in the strictest of confidence, and delivered quickly.

Legal Documents we translate for Corporate Law
  • Intellectual property and Patent
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Affidavits and Depositions
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Articles of Association
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Court transcripts
Legal Documents we translate for Family Law
  • Insurance policies and claim documents
  • International Powers of Attorney
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Divorce Decrees
  • Adoption papers
  • Wills
Legal Documents we translate for
Labor and Employment Law
  • Software licenses and user agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Employment Agreements
  • Company Bylaws

Expertise in Legal Translation: You Know It’s Done Right

Our legal translation company has the accolades and years of experience to successfully support your needs. Because we’re meticulous about your project, we require our team of legal translators to be a cut above the rest. In order to serve you well, they must be native speakers of their languages and possess years of experience in legal document translation. Some of our translators are attorneys who have lived and worked in other countries, giving them firsthand experience with the native language and legal terminology.

You also have the added assurance that all our legal translations are analyzed to determine the best translation method and technology for your content and application. Below are the JR Language translation services available to you:

Translation Services Legal

For some legal applications, we will only recommend human translation while for others, machine translation alone will be the recommended approach. Our translation company has the experience to test and analyze results, often proposing post-editing services to improve the quality of the machine-translation output. Each translation solution will be determined based on your unique legal translation services requirements and their usage.

Top-Notch Legal Translators with Subject Matter Expertise

JR Language’s legal translators are the best in the translation industry and are a vital part of our team. They are vetted and selected using meticulous criteria to ensure all are of the highest caliber. After every project, our translators’ performance is evaluated to ensure our clients only receive top-notch quality for their legal translations.

As our client, you’ll receive accurate and timely legal translation services because we have the best multilingual and multidisciplinary team to support your needs. Your project will stay on track with help from our seasoned project managers, localization engineers, and language specialists. You can have complete confidence in our experienced linguists with extensive subject matter expertise along with a deep understanding of legal terminology and its usage in the legal system. Our legal translators are professional and native speakers of your target language, with more than five years of proven legal translation experience.

Website Translation Services for Law Firms

In the global market that we live in, companies and organizations are doing business in other countries or serving foreign clients in and from the U.S. Law firms with multilingual content on their website have the opportunity to serve clients that speak and search in other languages.

If your law firm works with international clients or in international law, it’s crucial that your website is professionally translated and maintained. Focus on your English content and leave the language version to the professionals. We are ready to partner with you for the best multilingual representation of your website.

Translation Agency for Legal firms
Learn how our legal translations service can help your firm enhance its global communication and international cases. From legal documents and transcriptions to websites, your multilingual legal content will be in expert hands.

Legal Document Translation Services

Customized Legal Document Translation In All Languages

Need a critical legal document professionally translated? We’ll assemble a team to produce accurate translations for your content, and our expert legal translators will be handpicked for your project based on their experience and native language abilities. Our professionals are specialists in legal terminology and legal systems. They’re also equipped with translation memories, specialized software, and legal dictionaries.

Our team of translators will work as an extension of your team to produce an accurate translation of the legal documents you require. Choose from Spanish legal translations, French legal translations, and more—over 100 languages in all.

Legal Translation Services for Documents

Discretion and Confidentiality Are Key

We understand your need for prudence and privacy when requesting the translation of legal documents. We’ll gladly sign confidentiality agreements and take any specific measures you deem necessary to protect your sensitive information.

Rest assured that client confidentiality is our number one priority. All of your files and materials will be managed and processed under the strictest levels of security.

translation services certified translation

Certified Legal Translation Services

From the translation of contracts to use abroad to deposition in other languages for local courts, many legal translations must be accompanied by a certificate of translation. As part of our legal translation services, JR Language produces certified translations in over 100 language pairs—both from and into English. Our certified legal translations are used by countless attorneys and law firms that require corporate translation services and certifications.

You will receive your certified translation with an affidavit from our professional legal translation company. This confirms the 100% accuracy of the translation and that a rigorous process was followed for certification.

International and domestic law firms, as well as legal departments of large corporations, choose JR Language for world-class legal document translation services to support their multilingual eDiscovery process during lawsuits and other legal actions. We offer a variety of translation solutions for pretrial discovery and depositions that involve documents in foreign languages, including certified translations for specialized technical and legal documents and files.

After a thorough review of your needs, a comprehensive solution will be tailored to your specific requirements and challenges. For example, if you need to translate a large volume of legal documents during an eDiscovery, the use of machine translation will significantly speed the turnaround time. Using machine translation technology will also lower the cost of the translation during the initial research and the review of the multilingual documents.

Once that initial phase is complete, important documents for the case in dispute will be identified and a decision will be made on how to move forward. You’ll have the option of using human translation or polishing your machine translation results with post-editing by a legal translator. Our experts are here to help you achieve the best results at the right cost and time. Often, a strategic combination of language services is used in legal translation services for eDiscovery.

Do you need German-to-English legal translation? Are you looking for a Spanish-English translation for cross-border e-Discovery? No problem! When you have a mission-critical project that requires a timely response, let JR Language serve as your trusted partner. We’re ready to support your needs.

Legal Documents Translated for Our Clients

Our legal clients deserve the best legal translation services, and we are ready and equipped with the best technology and process to deliver them. Legal organizations of all types and sizes call on us to translate the following legal documents:
Document Translation in Legal

Legal Interpretation Services to Cover All Your Angles

If your law office needs legal translation services, it will likely require interpreting services as well. Having a skilled and seasoned legal interpreter on hand is vital to your success. That’s why working with a comprehensive legal language company is essential. Let JR Language support your multilingual matters with our host of language services—including legal interpretation.

From transcribing and translating a deposition to providing a Spanish legal interpretation to aid communication in a trial, you can put your trust in the professional interpreters and translators at JR Language. Leave the multilingual communication to the experts, so you can stay focused on your important legal work.

Translators in the Legal Field

JR Language offers legal interpretation services on-site or remotely in more than 100 languages. From Spanish and Mandarin to Turkish and Korean, call us to reserve your interpreter in advance.

Get Step-by-Step Guidance Through the Legal Translation Process

Whether you’re handling the purchase of real estate, the adoption of a child, or international litigation, contact us today for more information on our legal translation services. If you’re ready to begin your legal translation, we’ll make the process easy for you!

To get a quote for legal translation services, contact us or complete the form. You can upload your legal documents and use the orange Free Quote button to get a price estimate. We’ll be in touch quickly with a firm quote on your project as well as a timeframe for turnaround.

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