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Travel Translation Services

Professional Travel Translations for the Tourism and Hospitality Industries

Improve the Customer Travel Experience and Enhance Your Brand Image

Whether you’re in the U.S., Spain, or the Côte d’Azur, your travel or hospitality organization needs to deliver a first-rate customer experience. A big part of this is communicating to your audiences in their preferred language. In fact, 78% of tourists seek travel websites that use their native tongue. JR Language offers Travel Translation Services in more than 100 languages to support travel and hospitality companies around the globe. Our clients include:

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What Are Travel Translation Services?

JR Language’s Travel Translation Services provide professional translation of tourism content of all types. Travel translation covers documents and other assets that help people navigate every step of their travel experience—both before and during their trip. This content can be in print, audio, video, and digital format and includes:

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Why Are Travel Translations So Essential?

There’s nothing more exhilarating than exploring the attractions, culture, and cuisine of another country. But for travelers, the language barrier can make it difficult to make informed decisions about their trip. Here are some ways that high-quality, professional travel translation can help you bridge the language gap and reach more customers:

It makes your content accessible to tourists (potential customers): Each day, millions of people travel to countries that have a different native tongue. By translating your travel content into the preferred languages of these tourists, you can attract more potential customers as they’re planning and enjoying their overseas trip.
When an English-speaking U.S. couple is looking for resorts in Florence, Italy, they want to learn all they can about a destination before booking it. If a resort website is in Italian only, it will be a challenge for the couple to get the information they need. They might opt instead for another resort that provides an English-language version of its website, which will help the travelers make an educated decision about where they stay.
It helps you be found online: By making your travel website and other content accessible in other languages, you increase your chances of showing up in search engine results (such as Google). This will make it easier for customers to find your business.
It helps improve your brand image: Offering translated travel content is a smart business move. It’s even smarter when your translated content is accurate, clear, and consistent across all your communications. High-quality translations convey professionalism and show you care about providing a stellar tourism experience. They also help build loyalty, since customers feel assured that they’re in knowledgeable, capable hands.

The Importance of Localized Tourism Translation Services

To ensure your content has the same effect across multiple languages, localization services may be recommended by our team. Localization goes beyond the literal adaptation of your text. By taking into account linguistic and cultural nuances, the localization process helps create an equally impactful experience for your multilingual audiences.

For example, if you hire JR Language for Portuguese travel translations, we’ll ask you if you’re localizing for visitors from Portugal or Brazil. Another example of where you might need localization is user-generated content—such as online reviews. When translating user reviews for our customers’ travel websites, localization is vital. The translated reviews should maintain the emotional tone and voice of the original testimonial.

The JR Language team includes professional travel translators with specialized expertise in regions, cultures, and dialects across the world. You can be sure your localized travel translations will reflect the message, tone, and intent of your original communication.

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Audiovisual Translation and Localization for the Tourism Industry

Does your organization rely on audio and visual content for marketing and customer communications? If you need your travel or hospitality multimedia content translated into multiple languages, JR Language is up to the task. Our audiovisual translation capabilities include:
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Why Choose JR Language for Travel & Tourism Translation Services?

JR Language is an established, language services company offering travel translations and interpretations in 100+ languages. But our depth of experience is only one reason we’re trusted by thousands of satisfied customers. Other reasons include our:

  • Customer-centric approach: You’ll benefit from a dedicated project manager to handle your content from start to finish. They will craft an effective translation solution that’s tailored to your needs, timeline, and budget.
  • State-of-the-art technology: When it comes to tourism translation services, providing efficiency and consistency is the goal. This is made easier by advanced translation and project management tools that support translation quality and keep things on track.
  • Multilingual desktop services: Our team of travel translation experts can easily accommodate different file types. Your translated content will be skillfully adjusted to the new languages to ensure it displays well under all conditions.
  • Versatile offerings: We offer human translation and machine translation, depending on your specific requirements. A hybrid approach might be the optimal solution based on the type of content and quality you need.
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Expert Travel Interpretation Services for Tours & More

Need in-person interpretation servicesto help international customers get the most out of their visit to your establishment? From museum visits to study and educational tours, our trained interpreters are ready to assist. We’ll pair you with a professional travel interpreter that has a solid history of outstanding service delivery.

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As a travel or hospitality organization, you want to ensure your brand is seen by consumers at home and abroad. This can only be achieved by making your content accessible to people of all languages. Let JR Language provide flawless travel translations that help you build your presence on the worldwide stage. We have years of experience working for the travel and tourism industry—and we’re ready to put that expertise to work for you. Contact us today.

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