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Specialized Transcreation Services for Global Engagement

Marketing language is creative; however, capturing the nuances of creative copy in multiple languages can be challenging. JR Language can help your company with expert transcreation services for creative and marketing copy.

You can capture the attention of a multilingual global audience with content written for the specific countries and market segments you are targeting. Your target audience will feel connected to your messaging with the transcreation of your original copy.

Transcreated Copywriting in 100 Languages

You will be proud of your messaging; whether you need to create a marketing campaign in Spanish, rename a short film in Mandarin, launch a new social media channel in Hindi, or promote a product in Arabic, you can count on professional linguists with on-site knowledge.

Your brand will develop a cohesive, consistent voice across a global audience, tailored to their preferred language and communication style. For marketing materials, advertising campaigns, slogans, brand taglines, movie titles, and other forms of creative writing, contact us for a free consultation

Expert Transcreation Services for Global Businesses 

Creative Translation: What is Transcreation?

Transcreation is a combination of translation and creative writing services. Transcreation takes an existing piece of content and transforms it into a piece in a new language that conveys the original message in a new way to connect with your target market.

Transcreation focuses on the intent of a given piece of content – whether you’re driving awareness, asking people to click through, or offering a limited deal – and considers how the message must be phrased to connect with a different market. Transcreation is an important resource the translation of marketing content.

Professional Transcreation Services

Translation versus Transcreation

Transcreation is creative translation, adapting the content to a local, country, and language.

Traditional translation is rendering meaning from a source language to target languages, closely following the message of the source content. While translation requires a degree of creativity, the main task is to be faithful to the source text while considering the linguistic nuances of the target language.

Transcreation is a creative process that does not require strict adherence to the source document—only to its intended message. Transcreators work as translators and innovative team members for brands. Transcreation considers tone, style, grammar, linguistic specificities, cultural context, graphic design, color palette, and, in general, adapting the content to get closer to its consumers.

Essential Transcreation Services for Global Marketing

English may be the default language of business. Still, it certainly isn’t the only language—and companies seeking to set themselves apart from the competition understand the importance of speaking their audience’s language. Failure to communicate in the preferred language of the intended recipient can impede business efforts and hinder growth.

Transcreation aims to create a culturally relevant emotional connection with a specific action trigger – the same response across international audiences. Marketing relies on emotion – but what evokes specific emotions can change across cultures. If you have global audiences, you need transcreation services to have multiple versions of your message that resonate with your target audience’s cultural preferences.

Every business needs marketing services, and when you’re expanding to new countries and markets, you need to transcreate your multilingual content and messages. Whether your business operates in creative services, science and biotech, medicine, manufacturing, or the financial industry, transcreated marketing messages are crucial to your global success.

No matter what tools, channels, or processes you use to enter a new market, the goal remains the same: to connect with a target culture in a meaningful way that allows you to increase your awareness and ultimately increase your sales.

How the Transcreation Process Works

Transcreation is a delicate, layered process. It’s not as simple as a word-for-word translation.

Transcreation for marketing campaigns considers the intended emotional response of the original message, the cultural nuances of your target audience, and creative marketing strategies to re-create the same message in a way that preserves the intended meaning while capturing the attention of a new audience.

Your translation services project will be as simple as:

  1. Your project is reviewed to determine what requires translation to adhere to the original and what involves transcreation to resonate with your audience.
  2. A team of expert translators who are native speakers of your target language begins the translation process.
  3. In-market copywriters use the translated text to begin the transcreation process, using a creative brief similar to one you’d give a writer.
  4. Each project is handled individually, tailored to your specific needs and goals. Nothing is completed without your approval, but you’ll never be left waiting for final documents.

Expand your team with expert linguists, keeping the process moving and working closely with your team – without adding workload. Our dedicated project managers handle everything so your team can do what they do best.

Types of Content That Need Transcreation for Your Target Audience

Some types of content require simple translation services, like a financial report or a profit and loss sheet. These documents contain cold, hard facts and numbers - not much creative copy or messaging to evoke emotions. Evocative copy, designed to elicit an emotion, requires transcreation services. This includes:
Marketing Transcreation

Transcreation for Brand Standards

A brand’s slogan or tagline may be short, but brevity doesn’t mean less important. Your brand’s tagline sends a robust and concise message about the company and its products and services. This message should be carefully crafted to convey this message in another language, adapting to cultural norms and nuances. 

When entering a new market or country, you may need to revise your brand slogan or tagline to evoke the same emotion. Cultural norms change quickly, and what makes sense in one language—or is funny or clever—may not be the same in another. 

Transcreating Marketing Content for the Target Markets

The purpose of marketing materials is to connect with a customer. However, what connects consumers and brands may change from country to country. Celebrations of May 2-4 in Canada or 4th of July in America don’t translate well to an international audience- because they’re culturally specific.

Transcreating an advertising campaign allows you to elicit the same emotional response from a new audience because you’re respecting their cultural differences. Emails, blogs, newsletters, billboards, mailers, and social media—all of this marketing content should be transcreated to resonate with a new audience.

Translated content for promotional content needs to emphasize the local culture.

For example, to capture the reader’s attention, content for the US will be different from content for Germany. Americans go straight to the point, and Germans like data and statistics.

How we tell a story or display information varies from one country to another and from one language to another.

Transcreation Services

Transcreating Sales Copy

The purpose of sales copy is to drive an action—to book a meeting, schedule a demo, or swipe a credit card. This requires emotionally driven copy that gets to the heart of your customer’s pain point. Transcreating your sell sheets, product demo scripts, user manuals, and scheduling process makes a big difference in the ease of customer experience moving through your sales funnel.

The Need to Transcreate Videos, Ads, and Commercials 

Ads and commercials are made to be clever, funny, memorable, or thought-provoking – but this intent doesn’t always cross language barriers. Puns made in English may not translate well into French, and a common phrase in Arabic may not make sense in Portuguese. The copy and scripts used in ads and commercials take thought, time, and energy to create – and this must be replicated in new versions for other markets to resonate with your audience and respect the culture. 

This is also true for video content online. No consumer wants to watch an obviously dubbed version of an English video – they want a video created for them in their language. Consumers are media-savvy and can tell when brands have cut corners. Transcreating your videos goes a long way with your global audience. 

Professional Transcreation

Website Transcreation Services

Your website is one of the most important consumer touchpoints and one of the first places a customer will go to learn more about a company and its products. The fastest way to lose people is not to offer a website in their language, and the second fastest way to lose people is with a low-quality Website translation, where they lose respect for a brand.

Transcreating your website lets you speak directly to multiple audiences from a single platform. JR Language can help you create a professional, transcreated website that cohesively retains your brand message while speaking directly to multilingual audiences.

Best in Class Transcreation from an Expert Language Services Provider

Transcreation services demand more from a professional translator: a professional transcreator must be a native speaker of their language, have subject matter expertise in their chosen field, and be skilled at creative copywriting. This creativity is necessary for transcreating marketing messaging, which requires more outside-the-box thinking than literal translation.

Transcreation is no easy task and is fundamentally different from translation services. We’re proud to provide transcreation services for global businesses of all sizes.

Your Language Service Expert Partner for Transcreation Services

At JR Language translation company, we work with professional translators and transcreators who are native speakers of their target language and have specialized experience in their chosen fields. When you work with us, you get high-quality translation services to present a cohesive global brand image. We offer fast turnaround times and affordable prices for businesses of all sizes. Contact us with your project for transcreation services, and we will provide a quote free of charge.

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