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IT Translation Services

Translation Services for Information Technology

The field of information technology and telecommunication is constantly changing and expanding, urging technology companies to rapidly tailor their products and supporting materials for global distribution and use. To be on top of your game, you need to partner with a translation company experienced in IT translation services.

IT Translations from Experts

JR Language was founded by software engineers who are personally involved with our IT translation teams. They oversee all IT translations and share their knowledge with project managers and translators. In order to provide the best IT translation service, we work only with knowledgeable language experts, hand-picked, who have the appropriate training and expertise in the field of information technologies.

Technical Terminology and Quality Technical Translations

Translations for information technology and telecommunications, like all other technical translations, require appropriate vocabulary and terminology usage to produce the necessary quality of a project. As a standard step in the process, we work with specially developed glossaries, and we proofread every translation to guarantee the accuracy of terminology, clarity and consistency.

From translation of technical manuals to websites, product sheets and instructions, we have the practical knowledge to provide you with high quality IT translations customized to your company’s products. Following our own translation methodology, and adhering to a quality assurance process designed for the translation industry, we will make sure your specialized translation meets the strict requirements of technical materials.

Our technology clients have at their disposition a host of IT Translation Services, including:

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