Arabic Translation Services

JR Language provides professional Arabic translation services to help you communicate effectively, using proper cultural nuances. In order to achieve the quality and precision that your translation project requires, our Arabic translations are performed by professional translators with years of experience. 

Why are Arabic Translations important?

Arabic is widely used and gaining global importance. The Arabic language is spoken by over 186 million people as a first language, and at least another 35 million as a second language. More than 20 countries use Arabic as their official language, including: Egypt, Jordan, Afghanistan, Qatar, and Israel. In some countries multiple languages coexist. For example, Arabic and Hebrew are spoken in Israel. Similarly, Arabic and French are regularly used in Morocco, Tunisia, and most of the Maghreb region

Arabic Language Translation

If we add to the cultural diversity the fact that Arabic is written from right to left, we have another element to consider for localization.

Modern Standard Arabic is the official language throughout the Arab world and its written form is very consistent across national boundaries. The spoken forms of Arabic vary and each Arab country has its own dialect. Of all the dialects, Egyptian Arabic is the most widely understood due to popular use in film and television. Understanding the market or country you are reaching is important to achieve proper localization for your audience.

Applications for English / Arabic Translation

Academic and literary Arabic Translation – Arabic has among the richest and largest bodies of literature of all the world’s classical languages.

Legal Arabic Translation – From marriage or birth certificate to contracts; we have the right set of Arabic translators that can help you.

Arabic Translation for the Oil and Energy sector – According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the Arab world is home to 4 of the top 10 highest oil-producing countries in the world. This generates the need for translation from Arabic into English and English into Arabic for the Energy sector and other areas of commerce- a process which creates interesting cultural exchange. Our team of technical translators specializes in serving this industry.

Arabic Translation Services

Interesting facts about The Arabic Language

  • Algebra, alcohol, cotton, magazine, alcove and elixir are words in the English language that come from the Arabic Language.
  • Arabic was the sixth language to be included as an official language of the United Nations, in 1974.
  • Arab league countries have 350 million consumers and constitute the world’s 9th largest economy, according to the Global Agenda Council on the Arab world in 2013.
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