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Professional Diploma Translation Services

You may need to have your foreign diplomas translated for many reasons, and when you do, turn to the experts at JR Language. Whether you’re applying for immigration, pursuing a higher education degree abroad, or seeking international employment opportunities, you’ll experience prompt delivery of your diploma translation, executed with precision and quality assurance, all at an affordable price.

Our translation services company has a flawless track record of delivering excellence in diploma translation services, including other documents like course descriptions and transcripts that often need translation with your degree.

Discover the Exceptional Service of JR Language for Your Diploma Translation Services:

  • Certified Translation Services. Our certified diploma translation services ensure that you receive accurate translations of documents, including degrees and course transcripts, to improve or prove your level of education. We guarantee that the translations will meet the highest standards of quality and accuracy.
  • Guarantee Acceptance at Universities and Colleges. Ensuring acceptance at universities and colleges is paramount for individuals seeking to further their education and pursue their academic aspirations. Our expert translators meticulously translate academic credentials, ensuring accuracy and adherence to the highest standards. By entrusting us with your diploma translation needs, you can rest assured that your documents will meet the rigorous requirements of universities and colleges worldwide.
  • USCIS Certified Translations. USCIS translation requirements are strict, and you need a language services provider who understands them and has a proven track record of acceptance. When you work with JR Language, you’ll receive a USCIS-certified degree translation that is accepted by immigration and other government organizations so you can confidently prepare your immigration documentation. 
  • Secure and Fast Translations. Rest assured, your personal information is safe and protected with JR Language. Our streamlined process ensures fast delivery of your diploma and transcript translations without sacrificing quality so you can meet even the tightest deadlines. 
  • Human Translators. Your degree translation is always done by professional human translators – not machines so you can rest assured that you have high-quality and accurate translation.
  • Accurate translation for evaluation. Universities and immigration offices often require credential evaluations to accompany the translations of foreign degrees. Educational institutions, licensing bodies, government agencies, and employers rely on the results of the credential assessment to consider foreign education in the admission or hiring process. You will obtain your precise degree translation to send for evaluation.

Do you have questions or need help with academic-certified translation? Our multilingual team supports you every step of the way and ensures a smooth diploma translation process. 

Diploma Translations in Over 100 Languages

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Overcome any language barrier in pursuing higher education with diploma translation services in 100 languages.

Whether you need Spanish to English, Arabic to English, or any other language for your degree translation, the team at JR Language is here to help.

Our native speakers are professional translators versed in educational content. They will translate your diploma into the required language. Our experienced translators handle everything—there is no machine translation.

Please specify the language pair and the destination country for your translated document. Indicate if you require specific formatting or grading system notes added so we can accommodate your needs.

Overcome Academic Challenges with Diploma Translation Services 

Don’t let language barriers or bureaucratic requirements stand in the way of your educational dreams. Diploma and transcript translation services can assist you in advancing your academic and professional goals. 

  • Linguistic Hurdles. If you earned your high school diploma or Master’s degree in a language different from the one required by the organization you’re applying to, certified diploma translation can overcome the language barrier and prove your qualifications and achievements. 
  • Official Requirements. Certified diploma translation services allow educational institutions, potential employers, and immigration services to verify the authenticity of your documents, allowing you to move through the application process seamlessly.
  • Accuracy and Authenticity. A certified translation is an accurate and faithful translation of your diploma that ensures clarity and understanding for credential evaluation, avoiding misunderstanding or misinterpretations of your qualifications. Our academic translations will be well-researched and precise.
  • Time Constraints. Are you facing a tight deadline for an education or immigration process? JR Language’s swift, timely delivery of your translated documents allows you to meet application deadlines quickly and pursue your goals. 

What Does Certified Translation Mean?

Certified translations ensure the authenticity and validity of translated documents. A certified translation is a translated document that comes with a signed statement from a professional translator attesting to the translation’s accuracy and the translator’s capacity to render it. Some institutions require translation notarization as well as a certified translation. 

A certified translation includes: 

  • An affidavit that bears the signature of the translator/ translation agency, swearing to the accuracy of the document 
  • Consists of a statement certifying the translation is true, accurate, and a faithful rendition of the original 
  • These are often required when dealing with government agencies such as courts, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Office, and academic institutions. 

Why does USCIS require Certified Translations? 

Immigration officials in the US require documents such as diplomas and academic transcripts to be submitted in English, the official language of the United States. The USCIS requires that all foreign language documents, including diploma translation, are submitted with the source documents in the original language and an accurate English-translated version, with a certification to attest to the accuracy.

Navigating the intricacies of the USCIS can feel overwhelming when you are in the middle of an immigration process. At JR Language, we have about 20 years of experience providing certified translations. We understand the requirements and will provide a certified translation that meets their stringent requirements. Immigration authorities accept our USCIS-certified translations in the US and around the world so that you can navigate the immigration process with confidence. 

Academic Documents that Require Certified Diploma Translation Services 

Accurate document translation is essential when navigating the global business and academic landscape. Diplomas and degrees are important documents that often require translation services when pursuing immigration status, higher education, or professional opportunities. 

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Who Benefits from Diploma Translation Services?

There are many reasons you may need to have a translated degree. International students pursuing higher education abroad will need translated high school diplomas, employees moving countries on a work visa must translate degrees, immigrants to a new country seeking employment require diploma translations, and people applying for immigration or to an educational institution in a different country require accurate academic translation services.

When Do You Need Academic Certificate Translation?

Degree, high school diploma, and transcript translations are standard documents that will play a crucial role in helping you effectively communicate your educational and professional achievements. Accurately conveying your background is essential to accessing education, employment, and other global opportunities. We produce academic translations into English and from English to other languages, presenting the certificate in the language of the receiving organization.

International Education

If you have completed a higher education degree abroad or are applying to a university in a different country than the one you reside in, you will need education translation services. Diploma translation services help admissions and business offices correctly assess academic credentials and qualifications.

Employment Opportunities

If you are applying for a job or a work visa in another country, you must provide a translated academic transcript and degree as part of your application process.

Immigration Applications

If you are applying for residency, a visa, or citizenship in a new country, you will likely need to submit translated versions of your educational history as part of the immigration application process. Immigration authorities like the USCIS use diploma translations and academic documents to assess candidates’ educational backgrounds. Usually, you will also need to present a translation of your birth certificate.

Professional Licenses

If you are seeking a professional license or certification or to transfer a certification to a foreign country, you will need to provide the regulatory body with proof of your professional and educational background. Translated diplomas and academic certifications serve as proof of your qualifications.

Legal Processes

During immigration hearings, visa applications, and other court cases, certified translations of diplomas and academic credentials submitted as evidence support claims about educational qualifications.

Diploma Translation to English

The JR Language Guarantee:
Your Trusted Partner in Diploma Translations 

Working with our translation agency, you get the best results every time. Human translators do all the translation services relevant to your educational content, with a 100% acceptance rate at USCIS, government agencies, and businesses. Our competitive, affordable pricing ensures that you can translate as many documents as needed, and they will be on time.

At JR Language, we understand the significance of educational milestones, so we go above and beyond to provide comprehensive support throughout the diploma translation process.

We’ve helped thousands of people with academic and diploma translation services. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote today. We’d love to help you, too.

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