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JR Language Translations provides professional English Translation Services for a span of industries, into and from over 100 languages. As a U.S. based Translation Company, most of our clients require English translation solutions for a variety of purposes.

Our areas of expertise include:

We offer a wide range of English translations including the following:

English translation services are the core of our business. With a qualified staff, experienced linguists, and state of the art technology, our translation company provides high-quality English translation projects on time and on budget.

English Language Translation

Frequently Requested Language Pairs for in English Translation

Spanish to English & English to Spanish English to French and French to English
Italian to English English to Chinese and Chinese to English

We’ve got the Right Resources for Your specific English translation needs.

Whether you need to translate Japanese to English, English to Arabic or any other language pair, we will be ready and prepared with the professional translators, linguists and translation technology necessary.

Interesting facts about English Language

The English Language is the third most spoken language in the world at up to 1.5 billion speakers, of which about 350 million are native speakers. It is the top language used on the internet, and is the primary language in over 50 countries.

Translations from English are commonly used for the following purposes-

Marketing to Global Prospective Clients– Consumers outside the U.S. are making cross-border purchases. American companies are seeing the great potential in tapping into these global markets. We can help you reach your desired audience by translating your website from English into their native languages. Additionally, we’ll help conduct International SEO research to ensure your target audience finds your website with the culturally appropriate keywords!

Tourism– The U.S. continues to be among the top destinations for global tourists. To support the strengthening travel and tourism market, we must ensure that tourists from non-English speaking countries are able to enjoy their visits in the U.S. without the barrier of language. Let us help you help our tourists by translating brochures, hotel signage, weather alerts, menus, itineraries, resort material- and much more.

International Students– The number of international students studying in the U.S. is climbing. Translations from English into the native languages of these students are critical to their success. Material that needs to be translated includes college information, course descriptions, academic forms, and websites. Translating marketing material is necessary for Universities looking to reach out to prospective international students.

Where Translations into English are In Demand

International companies reaching the US market need English translation projects such as Website translations. However, other documents such as brochures and presentations need to be translated into English as well.

Americans are among the top travelers in the world, and savvy countries help these tourists by translating into English excursions, cities’ maps , activities, restaurant’s menus, and many other tourist information to assist their English speaking visitors.

Immigration/USCIS application
We translate official documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates and divorce decrees on a daily basis to facilitate the application process. Your certified English translation is guaranteed to be acceptable for USCIS purposes.

College Applications
For the rising number of international students who are applying to schools in the U.S, they will need certified translations of their transcripts, diplomas and more.

Employment Applications
For immigrants who are applying for work in the U.S., translation of documents such as letters of recommendation, resumes and certificates must be translated into English to help them get started in their job application process.

Trust JR Language with your English Translation Needs

There is no request too big or unusual. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or requests regarding your English translation needs, whether it be for certified English translation, or any other type of translation. We look forward to discussing your requirements and assisting you with our professional English translation services.

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