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JR Language provides skilled English Translation Services from and into over 100 languages. As a U.S.-based translation company, English translation projects are a large part of our daily work. With the support of our experienced multidisciplinary team, including professional translators, proofreaders, and project managers, our translation services company has become a well-trusted source of English content.

Communicate Flawlessly with the Finest English Translation

Clients from multiple industries require English content for diverse objectives, and they look to us for reliable English translation services to help them engage effectively with their desired audiences.

Below are some of our most requested English translation solutions:

Video Translation Services

Video translation:

Video content has become a must-have for successful online audience engagement. Whether training new hires, attracting new customers, teaching international students, or promoting new products, video translation has a key role in strengthening the impact of video content. Whether you're translating your video from English into another language, or vice versa, you are certain to pull new public while increasing your engagement with existing ones.

translation services legal law

Legal Translation:

Most business transactions and individual application processes face the law's impact. From establishing new business ventures, and entering into contracts, to applying for immigration and executing a will, obedience to laws and regulations is vital to success. Accurate translation of legal content from or into English accomplishes a few important steps, and it will move your process along with limited to no delays, ease the stress of handling vital foreign documents, and strengthen your relationship with partners abroad.

Marketing Translations

Marketing Translation:

While video is the most popular type of online content, marketing campaigns often involve several other forms of content. Websites, blogs, emails, newsletters, and social media posts all need translation if the goal is to engage with multilingual consumers on a global scale. Marketing translation from English into another language requires a unique approach that goes beyond delivering a direct translation: the translator must convey the intended marketing message while incorporating proper cultural nuances to engage the intended audience fully.

Website Translation Services

Website Translation:

The face of every brand is its website. Just as we care about how we present ourselves to you through our website, we go the extra mile to ensure your multilingual website represents you well to the rest of the world. Our website translation and localization services guarantee that your desired public will feel at home on your website in the same way your English-speaking audiences do while visiting your English website.

No matter what your goals are, we’re prepared to work closely with you to develop perfectly tailored English translation solutions to open your business to a higher level of global communication.

Skilled English Translators for All Areas of Expertise

English translation services are the core of our business, and we are backed by a group of carefully selected teams. From project managers, multilingual designers, and professional translators with a strong record of providing accurate, well-translated documents.

Because one size does not fit all in professional translation services, we are extra careful in choosing the most qualified professional translator for your translation project. A translator whose experience is concentrated in the healthcare industry would not be a suitable choice to translate legal documents, regardless of how many years of service they’ve provided. Likewise, a professional translator fluent in just one language pair is unsuitable for translation projects requiring a different language pair.

Our translators have expertise in the following areas:

English Translation Services

Don’t you see your industry listed here? We’re still ready to help! Don’t hesitate to reach out and discuss your needs so we can handpick the perfect professional translator for your project.

No matter what type of document or file needs translating, you can count on us to assemble the right team to meet your English translation services requirements.

Top Quality English Translations for 100 Language Pairs

Our translation services company is fortunate to hire only linguists who are native language speakers of the languages they offer translation services for.

Here are some of our most commonly requested English language pairs:


Spanish to English and
English to Spanish Translations


Russian to English and
English to Russian Translations


French to English and
English to French Translations


Chinese to English and
English to Chinese Translations

Beyond translation, in our translation company, we focus on localization services. Our professional translators work on localizing documents, websites, and video content to fit the culture of your chosen audience. Localization services allow content to resonate with the language of new audiences while supporting entry into a new market while your company gets brand and customer recognition.

Interesting Facts about the English Language

The English Language is the third most spoken language in the world, with up to 1.5 billion speakers, of which about 350 million are native speakers. It is the top language used on the internet and is the primary language in over 50 countries. But English in Australia differs from the one used in the UK or Canada, so English localization services are needed to manage the content differences and usage of words between those countries.
English Language Translation

How Translations from English are commonly used

Marketing to Global Prospective Clients

Consumers outside the U.S. are making cross-border purchases. American companies are seeing great potential in tapping into these global markets. We’ll help you reach your desired audience by translating your website from English into their native languages. Additionally, we’ll help conduct International SEO research to ensure your target audience finds your website with culturally appropriate keywords!

Tourism Industry

The U.S. continues to be among the top destinations for global tourists. To support the strengthening travel and tourism market, we must ensure that tourists from non-English speaking countries enjoy their visits to the U.S. without the barrier of language. Let us help you satisfy your tourists by translating brochures, hotel signage, weather alerts, menus, itineraries, resort material- and much more.

International Students

The number of international students studying in the U.S. is climbing. Translations from English into the native languages of these students are critical to their success. Material that needs to be translated includes college information, course descriptions, academic transcripts, diplomas, and websites. Translating marketing material is necessary for universities looking to reach out to prospective international students and their parents.

Where Translations into English are In Demand

English Technical Translation Services

Corporate Translations

Business translation services are a common request to satisfy the requirements of corporations with employees, partners, and clients worldwide. The amount of corporate content that needs translation services is growing, and partnering with an experienced translation company will guarantee accurate multilingual communication.

Translation services for marketing, tourism, or legal firms, effectively expressing your core message is key. Select JR Language Translation Services, and you will enjoy full satisfaction with your business translation services.

English Translation

College Applications

As more international students apply to study in the U.S., there will be increased demand for certified translations of academic documents such as transcripts, diplomas, vaccination, and syllabus.

English Translations

Immigration/USCIS application

We translate official documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and divorce decrees daily to facilitate the application process. Our certified translation services guarantee that your English translation is acceptable for USCIS purposes. We also offer notarized translation if required.

Spanish to English Translation Services

Employment Applications

For immigrants applying for work in the U.S., English document translations of documents such as letters of recommendation, resumes, and certificates must be translated into English to help them get started in their job application process.

Effective English Interpretation Services for Your Events

Every day our clients request English Interpretations to bridge communication barriers with other languages. We are prepared to effectively support your multilingual communications during meetings, conferences, calls, or events.

English Interpretation is a multifaceted skill beyond merely understanding the words and grammar of English and the other languages involved. It requires skills and knowledge and includes comprehension, cultural context, and nuances of both languages. Interpretation allows individuals to effectively convey and grasp ideas, emotions, and information in a language-diverse setting.

JR Language Translation has a complete and diverse team of professional interpreters. That group encompasses 100 language combinations, skills in different modalities of interpretation, and subject matter expertise in multiple areas.

Please contact us with your interpretation services requirements, and we will design your event for successful multilingual communication.

Trust JR Language with your English Translation Needs

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding your English translation request, whether you’re looking for certified translations, website translations, or any other type of translation project. We look forward to discussing your requirements and successfully meeting your multilingual needs.

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