Information About Our Translation Rates

Certified Translation Rates
Starting at $58

JR Language specializes in translations of official documents: birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, affidavits, transcripts, and diplomas among other documents.

  • Certified translation services in over 100 languages.
  • Standard completion of 5 pages or less normally within 3 business days
  • 24 Hours Rush Completion: +$20 Extra/page

Additional Services

Notarization: $25
Apostille: Please Call
Certified Hard Copies:
$10/1st page, $5/Additional pages

Printing & Shipping Options

Fedex Ground: $50 (2-3 day delivery)
International Shipment: Please Call

Commercial Translations Rates

Commercial translations are an essential part of business in the international marketplace.

There are many types of business and commercial translations to fulfill the industry’s complex needs. A marketing agency, for example, may need legal translations or financial translations in addition to their marketing translations.

The rates for commercial translations vary depending on the material to be translated and the overall scope of the project.

The elements that need to be taken in consideration to quote your commercial translation project are:

  • Language combinations (source and target languages)
  • Subject matter (legal, marketing, technical, medical, etc.)
  • Subject matter complexity
  • Document length (word count in the source document)
  • Document type (Word, Excel, HTML, XML or any desktop publishing software)
  • Document formatting
  • Deadline requirements
  • Any other specific needs

Please contact us with your translation project information and we will provide a quote and time for completion.

Translation Rates Frequently Asked Qutesions

Several factors determine the translation rates for a project, including the language pair, the domain of the content and the level of expertise required by the professional translator, the length and complexity of the text, file type, the turnaround time, and any additional services, such as file preparation and multilingual desktop publishing.

Translation rates are typically calculated based on the number of words in the source text multiplied by the cost per word for the language pair requested.

The price per word may also vary depending on the factors mentioned. Our translation company may also offer hourly or project-based pricing for some assignments. However, some projects may require charging by the hour or per page, depending on the nature of the text and the services required.

Rush fees may apply when a project requires a faster turnaround time than usual, and JR Language needs to adjust the workload of its team to accommodate the urgency. These fees are typically calculated as a percentage of the total project cost.

Our translation services rates may vary for different types of content, depending on the level of expertise required and the complexity of the text. For example, technical or legal content may require a higher level of knowledge, research, and expertise to complete and, therefore, may be more expensive than general and concise content.

We recommend that you send us the source files to receive an accurate quote for our translation services. It is also essential to provide as much information as possible about the project, how the translated documents will be used, the language pair, and any specific requirements or deadlines. JR Language will supply a detailed quote, including all relevant costs and fees.

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