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Looking for the Best Professional Korean Translation? You’ve Found It.

Many companies, law firms, institutions, and government agencies around the world rely on JR Language Translation’s skilled and seasoned team of professional translators. You can expect your project to be executed with great care and outstanding quality, on time and within your desired budget.

Years of experience and state-of-the-art technologies allow us to efficiently handle all your file types and websites. Whether you need translations from Korean into English or English into Korean, you can count on clarity and precision every time.

A Hand-Selected Team of Korean Translators

All of our Korean translation service projects are performed by human professional translators. Not only are they native Korean speakers; they’re also fluent and proficient in English. Our strict vetting and quality processes ensure high standards are met in every step of the translation process. Your Korean translation is completed by professional Korean translators who are devoted full-time to translation work. They each have at least four years of proven experience.

Your translation team is carefully selected based on their industry expertise and the subject matter at hand. This tailored approach allows us to achieve the translation quality needed to lend credibility to your company and products and reach a global audience. The result? Consistently accurate translations and high-caliber work that keeps our clients returning to us again and again.

For Korean translations, JR Language helps with clients in a variety of sectors, including:

Professional Translation Services Korean

Why Choose JR Language as Your Korean Translation Company

In business for nearly two decades, our translation agency has an impeccable track record of delivering first-class language services to a wide client base. Just check our hundreds of client reviews. Our customer satisfaction and client retention are the highest due to our reliance on best practices and uncompromising commitment to translation quality.

We offer a wide range of language service solutions to match any combination of project requirements and budget. Getting started with us is easy: Just provide a detailed description of your project, your audience, and how the translated content is going to be used. We also request any previous translations and approved glossaries if you have them. Once we have all your information, documents, and files, our team will get right to work producing the best Korean translation possible.

Meticulous Korean Document Translation Services

At the start of our partnership, you’re assigned a skilled team dedicated exclusively to your important document translation project—whether it’s Korean legal translation, technical translation, or another type of translation task. From start to finish, every aspect of the process is controlled and supervised by an experienced project manager who understands your company’s concerns and objectives.

In addition to accurate and culturally correct English-to-Korean document translations, you have access to a full suite of Korean desktop publishing services for all types of documents. Our multilingual designers work hard to preserve the layout of your documents following the Korean translation process. They are highly knowledgeable experts with experience working on multilingual projects and with most file types. From Illustrator and Adobe InDesign to Microsoft PowerPoint and Canva files, your translated document will have a polished and professional look in the same format as the original version.

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Why Might You Need English-Korean Translation Services?

Korean Fashion Translation

Fashion has always been a part of Korean culture. If you have a fashion-related business, consider translating your documents and website into Korean to expand your customer reach. From online stores to product catalogs, many brands use our translation services to take their brand to lucrative global markets.

Korean Technical Translation

South Korea has one of the largest populations of internet users in Asia. This makes it an excellent target market for selling technical products and services. Our translation company offers complete Korean translation services for the following:

  • eLearning applications
  • RFQ documents / proposals
  • Technical manuals & user guides
  • Automotive & engineering documents

Korean Marketing Material & Website Translation

With multilingual solutions for content management systems and e-commerce sites, JR Language is ready to facilitate the deployment of your Korean website as well as ongoing updates. From the translation of technical web content to the translation of brochures and patient care guides, we’re here to support all your website needs.

Legal Korean Translation

With the growing business exchanges, English-into-Korean translations are often required for business transactions in the United States. Our clients request assistance with the Korean translation of contracts, court documents, lawsuits, patents, and other critical business documents.

Korean Translations for Government

Given the large population of Korean-speaking immigrants in the United States, English-into-Korean translations for NGOs and governmental institutions are important for public safety, social services, public health, environmental issues, and public-school applications. Let us help you communicate clearly and effectively with your Korean-speaking constituents.

How can we assist you? JR Language empowers organizations of all kinds to connect with clients, partners, and employees around the globe. Please contact us and tell us about your Korean Language project. We’ll work with your company to achieve the best Korean translation to fit your goals and expectations.

Certified Korean Translation Services for an Array of Needs

Certified Korean-to-English translation is often required if you’re submitting translated foreign documents to USCIS, courts, government agencies, banks, and financial institutions. Translated documents are also requested by educational institutions when a student must present their credentials and diplomas.

Whenever you need a translation of official Korean documents that require a certified translation, we’re ready to help:

Professional Korean Translators

JR Language provides certified translation services from English into Korean. In addition, we offer other levels of certification such as notarized certified translation and apostille services.

For a free, no-obligation quote, please let us know about your certified Korean translation needs, including the specific requirements of the organization that will receive the certified translation.

World-Class Korean Language Interpretation Services

Korean-English interpretation is a highly specialized skill requiring intense concentration and mental effort. Within seconds, the interpreter—who has fluency in both languages—must deliver the content of the conversation using the appropriate vocabulary and context for the subject matter. Korean-English is often considered a difficult language pair for interpreters and translators.

At JR Language, we’re up to the task. Our professional, carefully vetted Korean interpreters have years of experience interpreting for large corporations and government agencies. They understand the responsibilities and ethical considerations of the interpretation services we provide, and they’re as committed as the rest of the team to exceeding your expectations.

Leave Your Korean Interpretation Project to the Experts

The capable translation team at JR Language can manage a host of Korean-language projects—from video interpretation to website localization. Our skilled linguist team, Korean translators, and interpreters are led by professional project managers who excel at matching the right talent to each client project. Clients use our Korean interpreters for their:

Korean to English and Korean to English Translations

Our Korean interpretation services can flex to fit any request, from on-site and remote interpretations to consecutive and simultaneous interpretations, all the way to Zoom translation and phone interpretation.

Contact our Korean translation agency for a free, firm quote that’s personalized to your project requirements.

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