Professional Language Translation Services Completed to Your Satisfaction

Professional Translation Services

Quality, relevant translation services are a must when you want to successfully compete in a global marketplace. You need a professional translation company that understands your goals and has the qualifications to provide customized language solutions to help you achieve those goals quickly.

JR Language offers a wide array of language services and will partner with you to find an effective way to achieve your goals. With 100% customer satisfaction in mind, we work to effectively and accurately communicate your message around the world.

Choose from over 100 different languages and you’ll receive translation services and interpretation services for a variety of industries, guaranteed to be accurate, relevant, and localized to your specific target market.

Whether you need to create a multinational web presence, market your products in another language, conduct multilingual surveys in your company, or translate official documents from one country for use in another, JR Language will partner with your company for a successful translation services project.

Why Are Our Language Services Exceptional?

We follow a strict quality management process for each translation project. We use the best people, processes, and technology available. We know that sensitivity to culture is a crucial part of professional translation services.

Quality in translation services is a product of the experience and excellence of our team of linguists. Only professional translators and interpreters work on your language projects. We have selective and strict criteria for team resources. All of our resources are evaluated after every language project, so we maintain a select team.

Our translation services company follows the strict regulation of the norm ISO 17100:201, for translation services.

Our Translation Company uses advanced language solutions, state-of-the-art technology, and carefully selected talent to manage your translation project. We have specialized project management software, and specific software to manage the complexity and volume of your translation project.  From website localization to video translation, we will complete your translation services request on time and within budget.

JR Language Translation Services is founded on the principle of using professional human linguists to do your translations. They are all native speakers of the language they translate into, and subject matter experts of the requested discipline. A legal translator has different knowledge and terminology management skills than a medical translator and both are different from a technical translator. Expertise on the subject matter is a must for the translation projects that we take on.

The advancement of machine translation technology in recent years, the ever-increasing volume of content that requires translation, and tight project deadlines have boosted the use of machine translation within the translation industry. With new programs that learn through use, we can provide raw machine-translated content or enhance the translation via post-editing, completed by human translators after the machine translation. We have professional translators trained in post-editing techniques to improve the output of machine translation.

Machine translation is not for every translation project, our translation agency will help you evaluate the feasibility and convenience of using this technology for your translation request.

Due to the complexity of different translation projects, their workflows, and the languages involved, a program for translation management is a must for a professional language services provider. We control our operations with the leading management software in the industry. All the members of our company work with the translation management tool to have visibility on deliverables and deadlines at any time.

A CAT tool creates a translation environment to facilitate translation services using terminology glossaries and translation memory that helps organizations improve translation consistency and reuse previously translated content. CAT Tools are an important technology in professional translation services and another must-have program in the toolbox since they also assist in QAQuality Assuranceon the translation process.

Translation Services Provided

Our translation company provides professional language services in over 100 languages, to and from English. These translation services include:

translation services legal law

Certified Translation

Need to apply for a job? Want to translate a legal disclosure? From adopting a child to filing legal proceedings, document translation services are guaranteed accurate and fast. Birth certificates, legal transcripts, immigration papers, and more are translated according to strict guidelines. Our certified translations of your documents are accepted by government agencies, educational institutions, the USCIS, and more.
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Document Translation

We can help you translate a wide variety of documents whether it’s legal, medical, an employee handbook, technical manual, sales presentation, or any other subject matter. Our goal is to return them to you ready for you to use. Find a large variety of specialty services in addition to professional document translation services. Transcription & translation of audio or video files, abstracts/summaries, and editing & proofreading services are all available.
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Desktop Publishing Services

Multilingual Desktop Publishing

From Adobe tools such as InDesign and PageMaker to Microsoft Office Suite formats and Mac iWork formats to Google formats, you’ll find our team can handle your desktop publishing requirements in virtually any format. Most languages expand or contract during translation, and some are written in different directions than the original content. We’ll gladly work within your document, retaining your original layout, or create new, graphically sophisticated designs that are ready for press. When we discuss translation and localization services, be sure to ask about desktop publishing as well.
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Language Localization Services

Localization Services

While various countries may speak the same language, the local culture, regional traditions, and other elements can cause significant confusion between dialects. For example, the storage compartment of an American car is the “trunk” while in England it’s the “boot.” Translation and localization services you receive from JR Language are performed by native-speaking translators who have lived and worked in various countries around the globe. We can guarantee your intended message and meaning will come through with absolute clarity.
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Website Translation Services

Website Translation

Whether you need to reach a non-English-speaking American audience or establish a global presence in another country, web document translation services open your virtual doors to the world. Translate one page, one section, or your entire site so that visitors will be more confident doing business with you.
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translation services simultaneous interpretation

Interpretation Services

Facilitate meetings and conferences with the assistance of a professional interpreter and communicate without the language barrier. Contact JR Language and we will help you design your conference and your multilingual support.
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Video Translation Services

Video & Audio Translation Services

From transcription to subtitles and voice-overs, we have your global multimedia project covered. Place your multimedia content at a global level with cultural significance in your customer’s language.
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interpretation services zoom

Zoom Interpretation

We provide remote interpretation services for webinars and meetings over the Zoom video conferencing platform. We have a large team of professional interpreters with experience offering services remotely via Zoom to assist in language support in more than 60 languages and in American Sign Language.
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What Are the Advantages of Our Language Translation Services?

Translation Services Projects

100% Guarantee Policy

We will work on your translation request until you are completely satisfied. The quality of our products is important to use, and our dedication is reflected in our client’s reviews and in our high client retention rate. 

Turnaround Time

We plan your project for the ideal turnaround time to achieve the best quality. We understand that some projects cannot wait, so we offer rush services and alternative workflows to incorporate more resources and achieve faster delivery with the consistent quality our clients expect.

Customized Solutions for Your Project

We have a host of language translation solutions to meet your needs. Our project managers will work to fully understand your translation needs and create a plan for a turnaround time that ensures quality and that all the steps required are followed.

With client satisfaction as our primary objective, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional translation service with timely completion.

Human Translation Services

Translation Rates

JR Language offers competitive rates to ensure quality and the selection of the best resources at a fair market price. We have the technology and security in place to address different language translation needs, from different file types, desktop publishing, and file design, to complex languages with specific styles that require knowledge and specific fonts. We have a team of linguists, engineers, designers, project managers, and language solutions experts to guide and work with you along the way.

Translation services prices are determined by several factors, among them language pair, file format, typesetting needs, timing requirements, and project size.

Professional Language Translation Services
Security and Confidentiality
Almost every translation project that we handle requires confidentially and strict security. JR Language works within NDA requirements, and every person that works in our company has signed a nondisclosure agreement. You can rest assured that we work with confidentiality every day.
A Professional, Versatile Translation Services Team

We train every member of our team in the different language solutions and project workflows to ensure that from the customer service employee who answers the phone to every linguist selected for your project, to the project manager delivering your translated document, understands your needs and is prepared and committed to assisting in your translation project. Translation services are our passion, and each member of our team brings their own unique expertise and solution experience.

If you want to learn more about our Translation Services, please email us at, call us or send a request for a quote using the button above. We are ready to understand your needs and discuss options for your project.

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