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Conference Interpretation Services

If you’re hosting a multilingual conference, you might need professional interpretation services to make your event successful. JR Language is proud to offer real-time simultaneous interpretation in over 100 languages, including Spanish, American Sign Language, French, Japanese, and many more. 

Do you have an upcoming event and want to add conference interpreters? Don’t delay contacting our specialized interpretation coordinators—they will provide options and the best configurations and help you create an extraordinary experience for the attendees. 

Professional Interpreter for Conferences and Live Events

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Live events like conferences are critical opportunities for businesses to impact their audience positively. However, to make an impact, your audience must be able to listen, understand your message, and ask questions to participate fully in the event.

Sounds simple, right? But if you have language barriers, if someone has limited English proficiency or is deaf, you need conference interpreters to ensure they are included in the event and comprehend what is presented. 

Our language services company offers conference interpreting services for businesses worldwide and does that by leveraging a team of experienced professional interpreters in 100 languages. Successful conference interpreting is about accurately conveying the message while also considering cultural nuances, the context of the event, and industry-specific terminology. 

Why Work With JR Language for Simultaneous Conference Interpretation?

When choosing JR Language to add simultaneous interpreters to your large meeting, you benefit from working with an experienced language services provider with almost two decades of recognition for its performance in the language industry.

  • Multilingual conference. Real-time expert interpretation so your audience always understands the conference content in their mother tongue or preferred language.
  • Wide Multilingual Offering. One hundred languages to support multicultural, multilingual, and multidisciplinary meetings.
  • Flexibility and Full Capabilities. Our interpretation coordinators will work with you to design the best configuration for your conference or international meeting. We offer on-site, remote, or hybrid interpretation to manage geographical limitations and adjust the budget or speed to add language support to your multilingual audience.
  • Versatility. Our translation agency has the resources to supply equipment and technicians to add specialized equipment for the best technological support to facilitate flawless communication.
  • Inclusivity. Offering ASL for people with disabilities.
  • Cultural Adaptation. Enjoy cultural competencies for global business

Simultaneous Interpreters for Business Events versus Consecutive Interpreting

Business conferences share essential information with their audience. Still, if you don’t make accommodations to include people who are hard of hearing and have limited English proficiency, your message will get lost in translation. 

Conference interpreting is a simultaneous interpretation service. The professional interpreter must listen, comprehend, and orally translate the message from the speaker to the attendees while the speaker presents. Simultaneous interpretation requires a thorough knowledge of the source and target language and the ability to hold multiple complex ideas while listening and talking simultaneously. It is a complex task that should not be left to chance – all professional simultaneous interpreters are trained in effective communication.

Simultaneous interpretation happens in real-time during your conference, so there is never any delay for the audience—they understand what is being said when it is said, not later. 

This differs from consecutive, where the interpreter listens, waits for the speaker to finish, and interprets the message. Consecutive interpretation works best for small groups, not large events.

Interpreting messages simultaneously is a mentally demanding task that requires intense concentration. Multiple interpreters must alternate throughout your conference or event to ensure high-quality interpretation services. Per language, you need two interpreters who will be together to hear the interpretation and alternate so the second can take over when the first goes to rest.

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How does Conference Interpretation Work? 

Having an interpreter at your conference doesn’t mean you have to make any significant changes to your run of the show – working with JR Language makes the process easy. 

For simultaneous interpreting in another language, such as Spanish or Mandarin, an interpreter will often use a soundproof interpreting booth where they can see the speaker clearly. Listeners are linked to the interpreter via headsets, which allows the interpreter to provide services in a non-intrusive manner for the speaker. For more extended events or speaking engagements, at least two interpreters can swap out to avoid interpreting fatigue, which lowers the quality of service. Whispered interpreting, where the conference interpreters sit next to audience members and speak directly to them, is less common and is mainly used in meetings.

For simultaneous interpretation in American Sign Language, where interpreters must be in sight of their audience, conference interpreters will often stand on the side of the stage or the presentation area, with designated seating in the front for deaf or hard-of-hearing people. This allows your audience to be included in the event while receiving the services.

Consecutive interpreting, where speech is interpreted after the speaker has finished, is best used in smaller group meetings, such as negotiations, breakout sessions, roundtable discussions, and one-on-one meetings. 

Events that Need Conference Interpreting

If you’re hosting a live or recorded event, adding simultaneous interpretation services is a fast and easy way to show consideration for your multilingual audience by making the information accessible. Whether you need ASL interpreters, Spanish interpreters, or interpreters in any other target language, the interpreting work makes it easy for your attendees to access and understand the information. 

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Interpreting Services offered by JR Language 

Conference interpretation doesn’t have to be complicated. When you work with JR Language, our experienced team takes care of every stage of the process.

We’ll work with your team to understand the conference facilities, where interpreters need to work from, how to set up the equipment, and how to connect your audience with the right interpreter. A dedicated tech and interpretation support team means everything runs smoothly in the background while you run your event. 

What Equipment is Needed for Conference Interpretation? 

The interpreting equipment you need depends on the type of event, and JR Language will help you select and configure your equipment and create the best approach for your multilingual event. 

We offer services for on-site events and remote and hybrid conferences to fit your unique needs. Our team manages all the necessary equipment, so you don’t have to waste time shopping for technical equipment or learning how to use it. We will support all your needs, from portable transmitters and microphones to sound-proof booths and audio/visual tech. 

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for conference interpreting – our services are tailored to your unique needs, so you get the best solution for your event every time. Our team of experts will sit down with you to understand the type of event, audience size, and language needs to guide you toward the proper equipment. 

JR Language Provides High-Quality Conference Interpretation Services 

As a language services provider, JR Language is proud to assist businesses worldwide with conference interpretation. We provide interpreting services in over 100 languages and have decades of experience in event interpretation.

When you work with us, you get step-by-step assistance at every stage of planning and event management to ensure your audience has real-time access to the information. Contact us, explain your needs, and you will get a free quote that matches your requirements.

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