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eLearning Translation and Localization: Training for a Global Audience

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ELearning, also known as CBT (Computer Based Training) or CBI (Computer Based Instruction), encompasses all forms of electronic mediums for learning and teaching. Recent developments in internet and multimedia technologies have enabled the use of a variety of e-learning solutions. In order to have a global reach, you need full localization of your web-based or computer-based content, and training material. When delving into the multilingual eLearning realm, a vital piece of such instruction is overcoming the language barrier—that is where JR Language’s eLearning translation and localization expertise comes into play.

With JR Language eLearning translation services, we can deliver a multilingual learning environment for your students or trainees, no matter where they are in the world or what language they speak. Whether you are an academic institution, a training facility, a corporation, or a provider of eLearning solutions, we can provide e-Learning translations customized to your needs.

Translation of eLearning courses into Multiple Languages

To engage more learners, broaden reach and enhance efficiency with eLearning courses, training and reference resources can be translated into multiple languages. JR Language works with various mediums and file formats to provide precise localization of your eLearning material.

Our experience translating and localizing eLearning courses includes:

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Quality in your multilingual eLearning translation projects

The translation and localization of eLearning courses is a challenging, worthwhile endeavor. It is imperative to have a team of specialists that can understand and translate your eLearning material without sacrificing content objectives and clarity.

Our specialists will analyze your existing training course to identify all format types and educational elements being utilized so that proper measures can be taken. From professional linguists and quality assurance experts to project manager and subject matter authorities, our team will commit to satisfying your eLearning needs through a carefully executed approach ensuring the same accuracy of the original.

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JR Language has premier expertise in translation and localization of eLearning content. Our methodical step-by-step workflow will ensure quality control while adhering to the cultural nuances and language of your targeted clientele.

Contact us to discuss your needs. We’ll be in touch quickly to review your eLearning project to provide you with a proposal as well as a time frame for turnaround.

eLearning Translations Frequently Asked Questions:

eLearning translation is the process of translating and adapting online courses, training materials, and educational content from one language to another to make them accessible to learners from different countries and languages.
JR Language translates different types of eLearning content, including online courses, training modules, video tutorials, e-books, quizzes, assessments, graphics and images, interactive activities, and other educational materials delivered online.
eLearning translation services can include translating text, audio, and video content, localization of graphics and other visual elements, and adapting content to suit cultural and linguistic differences. Additional services may include quality assurance, project management, and consulting.
eLearning translation is beneficial because it allows organizations and companies to reach a global audience and expand their market share. It also enables learners to access educational materials in their native language, which can improve engagement, retention, and learning outcomes.

The main challenges of eLearning translation include the following:

  • Maintaining consistency and accuracy across multiple languages and cultural contexts.
  • Adapting content to suit local preferences and learning styles.
  • Managing the technical aspects of eLearning platforms and tools.
eLearning translation services rates are typically calculated based on the number of words and hours of work to prepare the content subject to translation, the level of expertise required, the complexity of the content, and any additional services needed, such as glossary creation, localization services, use of the authoring platform and any special requirements. The turnaround time is another factor that affects eLearning rates.
While machine translation can be helpful for some types of eLearning content, we do not recommend it for complex or technical content, nor for content that requires high accuracy and fluency, like learning modules. Human translation is generally more reliable and accurate for eLearning translation projects.

It is crucial to work with a reputable translation company with experience in eLearning translation to ensure the quality of eLearning language translation. They will use specialized software and tools to support the translation process and conduct thorough quality assurance and user testing. Additionally, provide clear and detailed instructions for any special requirements your company may have.

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