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Approximately 300 million people speak Russian worldwide, and in Europe it is the largest native spoken language.

Numbers alone speak greatly of the standing of the Russian language and its importance to reach Russian speakers with products and services. However, Russian translation services are also important due to economic exchange and business opportunities in the global arena.

Let JR Language be Your Russian Translator

JR Language has years of experience successfully translating Russian documents, files, and websites from a variety of subjects and industries. Our team of Russian translators has the knowledge to expertly translate your marketing, legal, medical, academic, technical or personal content using the correct verbiage.

You’ll receive a quote up front and, our professional Project Management team will make sure that your Russian translation projects are delivered on schedule, for the price you were quoted.

Russian Language Translation

Applications to English – Russian Translations

Russian Technical Translation– Russian language is highly associated with science. If you are a Russian scientist trying to have your research translated into English or, you are an American scientist trying to partner with Russia, we would help you be understood.

Russian Legal Translation– Contracts, Birth certificate, court documents, marriage licenses and more are translated carefully and under strict confidentiality.

Russian Academic Translation– There are Russian scholars all over the U.S., and Russian literature is taught in almost every university. Good translations of Russian scholarly works will be immensely helpful to the thorough understanding of Russian intellect.

Russian Website Translation– With multilingual solutions to facilitate the updates of the Russian version of your site, you will communicate clearly and effectively with your Russian clients.

Did You Know?

  • Russian is the eighth most spoken language in the world
  • Russian is one of the six official Languages of the UN
  • It is also the most widely spoken of the Slavic languages.
  • According to the Russian Language Center, a quarter of the world’s scientific literature is published in Russian.
  • 60 to 70% of all world information is published in English and Russian languages.
  • Of all the languages of Eurasia, Russian has remained the most homogeneous though it is the most geographically widespread.
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