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JR Language Translation Services provides professional translation and localization services in San Diego, California. From a certified translation to marketing materials, you can trust us with your translation needs. Our experienced staff will speak with you to understand your requirements and deliver quality translations for your intended audience and customers. We consistently deliver high-quality translation for a broad variety of industries including the following:

We deliver translation and localization services, in over 100 languages, to companies and individuals in the greater San Diego Area. If you are looking for Spanish Translation, French Translation, Chinese Translation, Japanese Translation, Arabic Translation, German Translation, Russian Translation, Portuguese Translation, Italian Translation, Dutch Translation, or any other Language translation, you can trust that only experienced native translators will work on your project.

We offer Spanish Translations for a particular local like Argentina or Spain, but also can translate into a Neutral Spanish so you can broadcast your message for a Global Spanish Speak audience. From presentations to Websites, contract to surveys we will address your requirement with accuracy and efficiency.

Certified Translations for San Diego

We provide certified translations serving a wide range of purposes including USCIS and school applications.  For international students applying to schools in San Diego, JR Language Translations offers certified translations into English of diplomas, transcripts, certificates and course descriptions.  Individuals applying for USCIS can rely on our certified translation services to translate their personal documents from Spanish to English, Arabic to English, Chinese to English, French to English and other language pairs.  We deliver timely and accurate translations of documents including passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates and divorce decrees.  Universities located in San Diego, also use translation services to serve Students around the world.

Translation Services for the Tourism Industry

The Tourism Industry in San Diego often requires translation services to serve its customers, accommodate their needs and communicate information about events, attractions and hotels. JR Language has the capabilities and experience to respond to the fast growing pace of this Industry. 

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About the City of San Diego

San Diego is California’s second largest city and the eighth largest in the U.S.  The city is located on the West coast next to the Mexican border.  Filled with beaches and tourist attractions all accompanied with year-round mild weather, San Diego is known worldwide to be a charming destination for tourists.  The National Geographic Channel featured San Diego as one of the “World’s Smart Cities” for the city’s strong sense of community, cultural diversity, livability, economy and business climate among other wonderful factors.

 The city of San Diego is located in San Diego County. According to the 2010 census, the population registered for this county was 3,095,313, making this county the second-most populous  in California and the fifth-most populous in the United States.

Out of its population of about 1.39 million residents, about 27% of the city’s residents are foreign-born.  Common countries of origin for San Diego’s foreign born residents include Mexico, Philippines and China.  Over 100 languages are spoken by these residents, and common languages include Spanish, French, Russian and German. 

One of San Diego’s main industries is the tourism sector that brings in 34 million annual visitors.  Other industries that support the city’s economy include International trade, military and manufacturing. 

California ranked #1 of all states in the U.S for hosting the most foreign students- a total of 149,328.  The University of California in San Diego had among the highest number of foreign students enrolled in its programs out of many other institutions in the state. 

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