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Zoom Language Interpretation

Professional Zoom Meeting Interpretation

JR Language is ready to assist your company in adding multilingual support to your Zoom meetings by using the Zoom language interpretation feature.

Zoom Interpretation is one of the solutions we provide in the area of interpretation services that will help you manage your webinars, e-Learning, employee meetings, and any other remote presentations with language support.

Our language services company can provide language assistance in more than 60 languages and American Sign language for meetings in the video conferencing platform Zoom or in many other platforms. We have a large team of professional interpreters with experience and training offering services remotely.

Simultaneous Interpretation for Remote Meetings on Zoom

The organizers of webinars, seminars, meetings and online conferences now can attract participants from all over the world, and to provide linguistic support in multiple languages, they can provide simultaneous interpretation for webinars and conferences and consecutive interpretation for a small meeting. The use of simultaneous interpretation on Zoom is growing due to its ease of use and the ability to pull professional interpreters from any region using technology and the power of the internet. Utilizing language interpreters for zoom meetings and calls we will help you deliver clear communication and understanding for limited-English proficient individuals, regardless of the language they speak, and for the Deaf and Hard with the support of zoom sign language interpreters. Remote meetings can be served on a hybrid model offering on-site interpretation for the languages that have more participants and offering zoom interpretation for languages with fewer attendees. The hybrid model offers flexibility and the opportunity to control costs by using remote interpreters that can offer simultaneous interpretation on Zoom.

Organizations using Zoom Interpretation Services

The applications for multilingual meetings are endless and every day we find a new application for remote interpretation via Zoom. Below is a list of organizations using the platform for language assistance:
Simultaneous Interpretation in Zoom
Translation Zoom

A pool of Professional Zoom Interpreters is ready

Our language services company has in place a team of Zoom interpreters to help your company bridge the language barriers in more than 100 languages. This team was built following a rigorous screening to ensure each professional Zoom interpreter is qualified to provide a reliable and exceptional service. We are equipped to cover your needs from the most requested language interpretation, including Zoom Interpreter for Spanish, and American Sign Language.

Video remote interpreting via Zoom

When you are looking to include the interpretation feature to work with a video conferencing platform like Zoom, you need both: a Zoom interpreter and a company with expertise working and designing language services in Zoom. JR Language team will guide you in designing, testing, and during the meeting.

Interpretation services are used in business meetings, live events, and presentations across the world to accommodate the needs of audiences thru different cultures and linguist lines. Working with a professional interpretation company that is experienced in and can guide you.

Popular questions about remote meetings and Zoom language interpretation:

We understand that you might have those or other questions, especially when you are working with a video conferencing platform that is new for you but no worry we are here to help. With hundreds of hours of Zoom remote interpretations under our belt, our interpretation coordinators are ready to assist your organization and design the best language interpretation services for you.

Other Services for your Remote Meeting

Video conferences, remote meetings, and presentations are evolving with the rapid and continued improvement of the platforms. Zoom meetings are not an exception since the last 2 years the company has taken into communicating with the world.

Below is a list of language services that JR Language can provide:

Interpretation via Zoom

If your company records the Zoom video conference, JR Language can provide transcription of the script of the recording, subtitles, and even voice-over in 100 languages at your request. This allows multilingual Zoom meeting subtitles and/or voice-over to broadcast the conference in other languages later after the conference ends.

For the deaf and hard of hearing community services, we can provide American Sign Language interpretation using the Zoom accessibility options that maintain the interpreter on the screen. Zoom added spotlighting and pinning for multiple screens during video calls to aloud this option. All is done by pinning the sign language interpreter.

Language interpretation in Zoom
Professional Zoom Interpreter

To facilitate communication with people that speak the same language Zoom Rooms if you need to make sure people can speak in their native languages in smaller breakout rooms.

Zoom Simultaneous Interpretation costs

Zoom simultaneous interpretation costs vary depending on the language needed, the subject matter expertise and preparation needed for the meeting, as well as the length of the engagement. Discuss needs, options, and pricing with our expert consultants.

Zoom Interpretation Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Zoom is the most used application for simultaneous remote interpretation.

Yes, you will need a Business, Education, Enterprise account, or a Pro account with the Zoom Webinar add-on plan.

We can host your Zoom meeting and provide interpreters; you can request a quote here.

You can watch this short tutorial video to learn more about activating the zoom interpretation functions. You can also visit Zoom's website for their detailed instructions here

We recommend you schedule the service 5 business days or more for the best availability. We are also able to meet short turnarounds, you can request a quote here.

The zoom platform can accommodate up to 14 languages of interpretation at the same time. To request a quote, click here.

Our clients conduct webinars, workshops, corporate business meetings, legal meetings, HR meetings and a variety of other uses with one or several languages at a time.

Language Interpretation and Beyond

We are a language service provider that can support your organization with video interpretation and a host of translation services to make your multilingual meeting or webinar a success. From the translation of documents, video, or website your participants will have the information and customer support in their language of choice.

Are you ready to add zoom language interpretation to your remote meetings? Contact JR Language with your goals and requirement for your call or meeting, and we will take your multilingual event on Zoom to the next level!

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