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Certified Translation Services

Certified Translations backed by our 100% full Acceptance Guarantee

The translation of official documents has to be accurate in order for the papers to be accepted by government agencies, educational institutions and other entities. To ensure authenticity, many organizations require you to use certified and/or notarized translation services.

JR Language has a 100% acceptance rate with U.S. government agencies, the State Department, educational institutions and businesses. Whether you’re applying for a job, establishing residency or enrolling in school, you can trust that certified translations from JR Language will be accurate, accepted and provided in a timely manner.

If your document requires another level of certifications, we can perform a notarized translation in more than 100 languages. The notarization indicates that the person signing the certified translation is doing so in front of the notary public.

We provide certified and/or notarized translations for:

What's Included with Certified Translation Services?

We understand your need for prudence and privacy when requesting the translation of legal documents. All our translators are bound by commercial confidentiality and corporate nondisclosure agreements.

1-3 Day Turnaround

Average certified translations can be completed between 1 and 3 business days depending on your needs, not including delivery time.

Email & Postal Mail Delivery

You will receive a draft of your documents by email. Once approved, the certified translations will be delivered via postal mail complete with appropriate letterhead of the agency, raised seals and certifications.

Certification Statement

All certified translations come with an affidavit from JR Language declaring the accuracy of your translation.

Optional Services

We understand that some certified translations also require notarization. Likewise, there are many instances where you may need to expedite the translation of your documents. We will customize our services to accommodate your needs.

24 Hour Rush Services

Thanks to express shipping companies, we are able to deliver your translated documents overnight practically anywhere. Let us know your time frame, and we will gladly work with you to complete your certified translation according to your schedule.

Notarized Translations

If your circumstances require a notarized translation, we are fully prepared to assist you.


In addition to the notarization, we can also provide an apostille that many countries require in order to authenticate the signatures on your document, confirm the capacity of the person(s) signing and identify the seals.

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