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Support your Immigration Journey with USCIS Certified Translation Services

Are you trying to go through visa requirements for citizenship and immigration and need to translate documents? Do you need to meet USCIS-certified translation requirements? Perhaps you have a foreign language document that needs a full English language translation.

Whether you are applying for a visa, green card, residency, or citizenship in the United States, having your immigration documents translated following the USCIS translation requirements will make the process easier. 

JR Language is a translation company that has been in business for almost twenty years. We offer a full range of immigration translation services to best suit your needs. Our USCIS-certified translated documents are guaranteed to meet government standards for your immigration and are provided swiftly at affordable prices. 

Need Documents for USCIS? Work with Our Language Translation Service

Navigating the immigration journey requires certified translated documents that meet a high level of scrutiny and legal compliance. Accurate translation of these documents is crucial to avoid delays or legal complications, particularly for USCIS translation services. Our meticulous immigration and document translation services are guaranteed to meet all USCIS requirements.

USCIS Translation Services: What We Provide

  • USCIS-Certified. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Office has strict standards for certified translations mandatory for foreign documents submitted. JR Language has years of experience adhering to the USCIS guidelines for various documents requiring certified translation service and is guaranteed to meet regulatory standards. 
  • Timely and Affordable. Rely on our certified translation company for expedited translations at competitive rates; we ensure you meet tight deadlines without compromising quality.
  • Comprehensive Support. With years of experience handling USCIS translations, our team will support you throughout the entire process. Our translation services reviews speak loudly about our focus on customer service.


Certified Translated Document Services for Immigration 

Law firms, companies, and individuals have been counting on JR Language for years to complete their USCIS-certified translation, which the United States government agencies often require in the legal immigration process. Official documents that require translation must be meticulously produced to ensure complete accuracy and compliance with immigration regulations. 

JR Language has decades of experience with USCIS-certified translation services, and all of our immigration translations meet the most stringent requirements of the government and immigration authorities. Don’t leave necessary document translation to chance – trust the experts for certified translation.

Types of Documents that Require Immigration Translation Service

Document translation services for immigration include any of the following in a foreign language or language other than English:

USCIS Certified Translation Requirements 

USCIS-certified translation services meet the standards set by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. USCIS-certified translations are mandatory for all non-English documents submitted during your immigration.

These documents must be completely faithful translations of the original documents translated by a professional translator. The translation’s accuracy must meet all official translation needs. You cannot translate your own documents, and neither can a family member.

A certified document translation is one that:

  • Bears the signature of the professional translator or translation company attesting to the accuracy of the translated document
  • Includes a sworn statement that the translation is true, accurate, and faithful to the original document
  • The organization attesting in the certification indicates the translator’s ability to perform the task
  • Complete and faithful representation of the original document
  • Often required when dealing with the USCIS, court system, government entities, and corporations. 

Our USCIS-certified immigration translations are recognized by government agencies in the USA, ensuring your documents meet the highest legal standards.

We can provide a notarized translation when required. All our translations bear a signed and stamped certificate.

Use Only Professional Translation Services for Accurate Translation

Accuracy is essential when translating documents for immigration services and any other legal process. Each translated document must be faithful to the original. Any errors or mistranslations can slow down the entire USCIS processing.  

Using professional translation services can help make the process go smoothly—immigration officers control which original and foreign-language documents they admit.

Beyond USCIS: Other Translated Documents Needed for Immigration

The immigration process doesn’t end with USCIS-certified translation services. When you need a document containing a foreign language submitted to any government agency, turn to linguistic experts. From legal contracts and educational credentials to medical records and employment history, having your documentation ready and prepared in English can make the migration process more straightforward.

At JR Language, we offer a comprehensive suite of accurate translation and interpretation services, including legal, government, and educational translation services.

JR Language: Your Comprehensive Translation and Interpretation Services

With extensive experience in USCIS translation requirements, JR Language is the ideal service provider to help you with a certified English translation when you have a document in a foreign language submitted to us. Our certified translation company is committed to excellence, customer service, and meeting all translation services prerequisites. In addition to accredited translation for USCIS and notarized translations, we offer other language services, such as professional interpretation.

Professional Interpretation Services for Immigration 

As one of the top language services companies, we offer a suite of language services. We supply multilingual support and interpretation services in meetings, phone calls, or video calls.

We offer consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services in over 100 languages, facilitating communication and helping you at every stage of the immigration process. From medical appointments to legal consultations and immigration interviews, let us guide you through the process of making your journey to your home in a new land. 

Immigration Translations in Over 100 Languages 

Immigrating to the United States requires lots of paperwork, including accurately translated documents in English. Whether you need your marriage license or birth certificate translated or documents translated for your academic records, our professional translators ensure precision in meeting all USCIS translation requirements.

Our Professional Translators Are Subject Matter Experts

Our team of expert human translators are native speakers of the languages they work in for completely accurate translations of your most important documents. Whether your official pieces are in Hindi, Urdu, Cantonese, Korean, or Spanish, you’ll receive high-quality, certified translations guaranteed to meet USCIS requirements or those of courts and other government institutions. Our multilingual translation service is here for every foreign language need.

Work With Us Today: USCIS and Other Immigration Translation Services

We’re proud to provide USCIS-certified translations that are guaranteed, competitive pricing, fast turnaround times, and high-quality customer service to make your immigration expedition easier. Whether you need to translate legal documents, birth certificates, or school diplomas, we will happily accommodate you.

We’ve helped thousands of people and would love to help you, too. Reach out to us today for any foreign language translations to facilitate your migration journey.

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