Certified Translation

A Certified translation contains a statement from the translation company, attesting that the translated content is a complete and accurate translation of the source text. Such translations are required in business and immigration. Certified translations are required often for legal documents. There are different levels of certification, including notarization and apostille.

JR Language offers certified translation of documents for Spanish, German, Chinese, French, Russian, Portuguese and Japanese among 100 other languages. Our certified translations cover translation of immigration documents accepted by USCIS on a regular basis.

The translation of official documents include a certificate, seal and signature of an official of the company. Certified translation Services include translation of birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas and many other official documents.

There is some confusion in the use of the term certified translation by the general public, the following phrases are used to ask for this service official translation of documents, USCIS certified translation, official translation services. Not to be confused with notarized translation, that is a translation with the signature of a notary.

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