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IEP Translation Services

JR Language meets the multilingual needs of schools through IEP translation to help students under Individualized Education Programs succeed. We offer Translation services in over 100 languages. Our IEP translations include the following:

More than six million students are taught under an IEP each year, and several of those students are in the care of parents or guardians who have limited proficiency in the English language (LEP). JR Language provides professional document translations of IEP content that is fully understood by LEP parents, enabling them to make informed decisions concerning their child’s education plan.

Why choose JR Language for IEP Document Translation?

JR Language works with experienced and trusted IEP translation specialists. We understand that having an incomplete understanding of IEP content poses significant risks to the student.  We also know that translating IEP content requires a high level of attention to detail and in-depth understanding of relevant terminology, to ensure the student is protected. For these reasons, we only assign the most qualified translator for IEP translation work, which is one who is a native speaker of the target language requested and has had extensive experience translating and working with IEP content.

Spanish IEP Translation

Spanish is the most requested language for IEP Translation due to the growth in immigration from South America. Spanish speakers represent 71% of the languages spoken by English Language Learners(ELL) in the U.S.

We will hand pick the best suited professional Spanish translator from our Translation team to work on your Spanish IEP translation project.

Does your school need help with IEP translations?

Do you have questions regarding our IEP translation services? Or, have an urgent IEP translation request for a student in need? Do not hesitate to contact us today, by phone or email. We look forward to helping you help your students and their families get access to the resources they need to succeed in their IEP program.

IEP Translation Services Schools Can Trust

Our translation company has helped many school districts around the country with translation of IEP forms throughout our 10 years of experience in educational translation. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will find the best solution for your school.

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