Travel and Tourism Translation: The beauty of Clear Information

Tourism Translation


Why Should Tourism Companies Translate Their Content?

Having tourism content ready for travelers in their language is important. Tourism translation is not just nice to have, it’s essential for the travel industry and hospitality industry. This is true for resorts, travel agencies, airlines, cruise lines, hotels, and so much more. They need to reach people, attract tourists, and make their life easier while satisfying their needs. Travel and tourism companies want to rank high in search algorithms, earn positive reviews, and get return customers. We’d like to share some specific reasons why travel and tourism translation is a must.

Translation Services for the Tourism Industry Add Legitimacy

People aren’t going to feel confident using a badly translated website. If the tourism company is not working with a professional translation company familiar with the travel and tourism industry, people will think their work might be sloppy and their service unreliable. This will deter travelers from investing money with that company and putting their trip on the line. If a business in the tourism industry wants to look like legit pros, they need to hire the pros. Travel translation empowers your agency and organization to reach a whole new crowd in multiple languages. Be thorough when planning for translation services for your content. Consider social media, blogs, newsletters, brochures, websites, apps, and internet ads. All that new content has the potential to increase website traffic and give companies in the tourism industry a well-rounded appearance. The correct translation services for your website will take International SEO and your keywords into the mix and will take the translated content to a new level. A webpage in English is not going to rank with searches in multiple languages, and though English is a common language on the internet, most internet users don’t speak English at home and search in their language of preference. By adding language options to your content, you are increasing your audience in a global clientele. A hotel with content in Spanish, English, and French will have more reach than a website only in English. The language versions of travel content enhance the client experience, bringing clear communication and guidance when travelers are in an unfamiliar place or when they are planning their trips. During your travel experience around the world, you feel disconnected and highly vulnerable if you cannot communicate or understand a website. Simple things like buying a ticket for a museum on a website that does not offer a language that you understand create frustration and loss of time.

Translating for Tourism: More Than Meets the Eye

Internet prevalence means tourism companies have to update information constantly to keep up with technology and with the needs of their clients. Millions of people explore and book online every day. To stay competitive online, offering the language of your potential clients has to be a high priority. Language services, including translation of content and interpretation services, go a long way in facilitating the day of a tourist during his trip and has the potential to make the experience of a traveler better. A vital part of any translation project is the localization of the dialect and culture. For instance, the Spanish of the Iberian Peninsula is not the same as Costa Rican Spanish or Mexican Spanish. The message needs to resonate with the target audience and bring the same message intended in the source language. There are plenty of times when words in the source language don’t have an equivalent in the target language, and only a professional translator fluent in both languages can produce the appropriate translation. They might be talking about local favorites, the history of the area, local customs, and all sorts of attractions, from ballet to sailing. Translating like writing appropriately is an art and requires experts. Speaking a language doesn’t make you a translator. That’s why we use native professional translators who will bring the message to life. Using transcreation, aka creative translation, on the marketing material for the travel industry.

What Should I Look for in a Translation Company? 

Look for a translation agency with experience in the travel and tourism sector, with the resources and technology to support your language project. With a team of professional translators with the languages that you need. Offering the Language services that better match your needs. We’ve already spoken about how culture is essential to language. Language isn’t just a series of sounds and glyphs, it’s how we think, the way we communicate ideas and information to each other. This is true from pest control to hair care to airline terms and conditions. The travel translation agency you choose needs to have marketing skills, that encompass understanding international SEO for the translation of your digital content. Your translation company needs to know the current keywords you need to make your pages rank well.

What Can a Translation Agency Do for My Travel Services Business?

There are dozens of items a professional translation agency can produce for the tourism and travel industry. Below are only a few of the translation projects we provide for them:

  • Website translation services for the tourism sector.
  • Marketing materials for the tourism sector, from blogs to brochures to internet ads.
  • Terms and conditions, legal materials, procedures, and regulations. These materials are vital for international tourism.
  • Tourist guides. A comprehensive, well-translated tourist guide is worth its weight in diamonds.
  • Itineraries and flight information. You want to have the information that their layover was increased or that the gate was changed. Tourism translation services are needed on time.
  • Social media. A translation agency that knows marketing is the way to get social media posts that read in your prospect’s native language and get their attention.
  • Hotel and resort descriptions. This is necessary to be listed on booking websites and appeal to international tourists. It should be correct and professional written content.
  • Signage. This can be a do-not-disturb message, a direction to the ballroom, a street sign, safety warnings, etc. Signage translated by native-speaking translators is the way to make sure that the signage is accurate.
  • Maps and brochures for museums and train stations. Tourism translation services let Grandma find the house where her grandparents lived or catch sight of a classic painting before the museum closes.

A professional translation agency is also necessary for the translation of audio and video file. A Video can be subtitled or captioned in the new target language. There’s so much you can do when you get the right translation agency. JR Language has decades of experience making tourism companies and their clients happy. We’re familiar with the challenges and opportunities different languages offer. We use specialist translators who are fluent not only in the source and target languages but in the culture they are attached to. Contact us today and discover the impact our services will make on your business.

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