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Real Time Multilingual Website Publishing System

ATLAS is a Multilingual Web publishing system that uses a Translation Reverse Proxy to manage the translation of webpages in real time. This translation proxy is an intermediary application that services the client’s request for the translated content of a particular site. Atlas Real Time is that intermediate application

Atlas is a solution where the translation server manages all the translated content. This method avoids the creation of mirror sites for different languages, and the complexity involved to manage navigation and internal links for those mirror sites.

This website translation approach simplifies the development and maintenance of multilingual websites by using state-of-the-art technology and automatic processes.

Atlas offers the great advantage of real time, which allows the publishing of new and modified content of the source website into other languages immediately. This impressive feature is supported by Machine Translation technology. We provide different options for Machine Translation, with or without Human post editing, for different levels of quality and cost.

Atlas RealTime Workflow


  • Configurable and scalable
  • Service platforms based on client’s need
  • Offered as a subscription: all software updates are included
  • Multilingual site deployment starting from 30 days
  • Translation Server can be hosted in our premises or at the customer’s installations
  • Compatible with Cache systems to improve web page performance
  • SEO features of the website to the new languages


  • Your publishing platform doesn’t need to have multilingual capabilities
  • Flexibility to use machine translation, human translation, or a combination of both
  • Leverage of machine translation for faster deployment of new/modified content
  • Reduce cost and complexity of tasks for website localization
  • No need to extract and import text or files
  • No need to change internal links for different languages
  • Centralizes the translation of content
  • Facilitates maintenance, every content change is evaluated and resolved in real-time according to parameters selected by the client
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