Proofeditor for translation with images

Translation with the Benefits of Graphic Context

ProofEditor is a multilingual proofreading platform that incorporates and controls the use of graphics support. This innovative product was specifically designed for sectors where images are essential compliments to written content. Integrated with our Global Business Connector GBC Server, ProofEditor matches images with product descriptions in all languages for professional Quality Assurance and editing.

translation proofeditor workflow


  • Flexibility to add new languages
  • Project and translation status dashboard
  • Expert proof edition translation with graphic validation
  • Automates and authenticates the use of proper graphics and their availability
  • Any Information system can be connected and multilingual
  • GBC Server and ProofEditor work with various CMS platforms (Drupal, Vignet, WordPress, etc.)
• Fashion • Furniture
• Engineering • Electronics
• Design • Toys
• Consumer Goods • eCommerce
• Art • Architecture

ProofEditor is particularly effective for the world of Fashion and E-Commerce. It supports and ensures the use of appropriate graphics for the corresponding translation. It is a solution to aid an expert reviewer during the Quality Assurance process, where graphic context is used for validation against the content.

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